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Enough is enough

Buyer requests / send quote - 90% stuff like this, clearly in violation of Fiverr’s terms of service. People with no skills whatsoever (specially communication skills) trying to peddle their worthless gigs in the wrong place. And nothing happens - no bans, nothing. They keep posting and posting spam, forcing sellers to waste time when trying to get work. I mean, I even got a laugh out of this one due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but why am I forced to sift through mountains of garbage when looking for buyers?

When will Fiverr finally do something about this? Seriously?


Also, 27 replies to this? REALLY? I don’t even…

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This is pure gold. You can write with drinking tea, I can make an even better logo. :stuck_out_tongue:


“You can write with drinking tea, I can make an even better logo.” - I’m not sure I follow, I think you may be suffering from the same disorder as the seller in the screenshot xD

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I’m familiar with that thread. How old is it again? And what has been done about it so far?


If I was running a website like this, the situation would be solved in 1-2 days.

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It’s not a complicated task, it’s a matter of priority and resources. If you’d be running the site it wouldn’t be your #1 priority either.

Who knows, maybe they are already working on it. They usually don’t tell us what they are working on :slight_smile:
So, cast your vote and hope for the best.

Maybe they should start telling us what they’re working on. The lack of transparency is amazing around here.

He made a nice joke there. I think you are agitated to the level that you didnt notice it. :rolling_eyes:

Calm down… Have some :tropical_drink: I think there are much bigger problems at the moment for them to solve. Who knows their priority list. :eyes:


Nope, don’t worry about it, I was making a joke as well xD I’m a professional cynic, that’s my style lol. And that sentence was quite confusing, tbh xD

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Just hang out here a little more and you will know THEIR style. :wink: It wont be confusing then. :smirk:

Whose style? The sellers posting in Buyers requests? I already know their style perfectly well :wink: Desperate and talentless!

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and coffee eaters. :wink:

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Coffee eaters? Now I’m confused xD



Ahh its old and trolled enough. You are 2000 & Late. :wink:

Let me quote it again for you, My Wise Words. :sunglasses:

So you are always confused or is it just for special occasions. :wink:


It requires manual filtering… I don’t think it is a very tough job unless fiverr is really serious about it.

Ever heard of sarcasam? :wink::grinning:

Man, the “you can write with drinking tea” was too much for me, I got pretty lost there :frowning:

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Use the entire quote so it doesn’t get it meaning lost.