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Enough of this pessimism!


I just don’t understand this mindless negativity. I am seeing just too much pessimism here lately. There has to be a limit to this. World was built by optimists, people who work hard and with a purpose. Naysayers never amounted to anything much, not on Fiverr, not anywhere else. Enough is enough. If you feel Fiverr is not good enough for you, leave. Stop crying, for heaven’s sake. [Addressed to no one in particular].


It’s skyrocketing, I’m afraid. Spreading faster than a wildfire. What started out as “Epp me, my gig haff loss in algorithm search” has quickly nosedived into “no one succeeds on fiverr, bleh…”

Stay in or stay out! If you are in, work towards being fully in. No seller has no chance. The more your effort, the more your success. [Again, addressed to no one in particular.]


Yeah, but it’s not just Fiverr…pessimism is the predominant attitude in the world today, even on TV, Twitter etc. Enough already! Incredibly this is at a time when the world has never been better and quality of life never so good for most people in the world. When I was a kid, I remember people went about their tasks quietly and did not complain or cry all the time, although things were much worse back then, 20 - 30 years ago in India. [People should learn to take hits, learn to face failure, not get disheartened at the slightest setback.]


I’’ really happy with my Fiverr situation right now. I started this as a side business and after 3 months it turned out better than I ever expected. I’m pretty sure it will only get better soon :sunglasses:

And good luck to you :smiley:


Man after my own heart !!!


Sup dude? Are you okay?


Doing fine…just overworked :slight_smile: You?


I am fabolous, lol. Just stopping by to ask if it´s possible for buyers to deposit money on Fiverr. I want to buy something again, but not today. It´s a long weekend here (Sat, Sun, Mon) and we are having a small BBQ tomorrow with a few neighbours. It´s a hassle to always do it directly from paypal. If I can deposit that would be less hassle :slight_smile:


Ask @gina_riley2 She knows everything from the buying side.


Okie dokie, thanks :slight_smile:

Sup @gina_riley2 ?


I almost forgot to comment on your post. I agree that pessimism is not good. I personally have a thick skin. Me thinks you know I didn´t make it as a succesful seller on this site due to my laziness, lol. But I had never had negative feelings whatsoever. My Youtube channel now has picked up followers and I started to monetize it. Not much yet, I have only made less than $100/month, lol. But I am doing it for fun anyway.

You are always overworked but you always enjoy what you do and that´s great! You are a happy hardworker :slight_smile:


By the way, the weather here is nice. It is warm, no more cold. We put some beehives in our property. The akacia flowers are blooming. We never planted the akacia plants, they are wild. We will use the honey for ourselves and maybe give some to the neighbours. Maybe I will sell some too at a Sunday market. Those blue thingy are the beehives, not public toilets, lol.


That’s good, enjoy what you do, that’s more important.


You have a lovely home!


Thanks buddy. The bees and crickets are noisy though, lol.

I agree, enjoying what we do is more important. Money will come anyway if we do what we like. If one door is not open for us, try another doors, and so on, and so on. Moaning doesn´t solve problems. You are one the most positive people that I know and eventhough I don´t know you in person it is always nice stop by here and talk with you. :slight_smile:


So anyway, gtg now. I will come back on Monday or Tuesday :slight_smile: Happy weekend!


Well said! Even though I have experienced an over 95% drop in my gig traffic, I still don’t complain about it. Why? Because Fiverr cannot control the behavior of their visitors. Besides, we got nothing to lose. We give 20% ONLY WHEN we make a sale. When we don’t make money, Fiverr also doesn’t get it’s 20% cut.


You have the right attitude, you will go far :slight_smile:


Ha, Ha, Ha - some people love to moan & cry :slight_smile: For example: You know some of them :slight_smile:

For those who love to moan & cry I’ve created the Moaning Room where we can enjoy our pessimism without disturbing the World of Optimism :slight_smile:



Thanks! :heart_eyes:
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