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Enquiry not receive

Hello friends

I am Aditya soni
I am face problem that enquiry is not coming
My gig is on first page but enquiry is not coming
I am very depressed about this thing

Should someone help me in this problem

Waiting for hearing



You started on Fiverr Jan 2018 and you have 68 reviews already. Your recent delivery was 3 days ago. Think you just need to be patient. Some people take months to get their first order!
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes sir

But i am on First page
enquiry must me come

If any solution please tell me

Waiting for hearing you


Being on the first page does not guarantee sales. Rather than wait and be depressed why not take time to read through the forum for tips on how to get orders by using Buyer Requests, promoting your gigs, and such.

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