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Entering a new category

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for almost seven months now and it’s been a fairly pleasant experience! I am fairly close to fulfilling all the requirements of becoming a level 2 seller and have decided to branch out from just voice over work and to include video services.

After getting a whole lot of new equipment, learning how to use the equipment, and struggling to clear space to create a studio room, I’ve created my first video spokesperson gig. I realize it’s a bit unconventional and tongue in cheek in style, but I know that I don’t really look like the standard spokesperson and am targeting more of a niche buyer.

I contemplated possibly creating a gig under the Lifestyle/Viral Videos category, but realized many of the gigs there involved dancing, acting wacky in outdoor settings, or being a female model… So I was left with the spokesperson category seeming much more appropriate.

Any suggestions on the gig, pricing, services, description or whatever else would greatly be appreciated!


Firstof all congrats brother , keeping going.

Understand the more about the new field that you have enter , and start to target the customer in this field , make them understand on why you , and how you get seperated from the crowd and benefits that they will get on hiring you, bring new tech in this field , promote your gig.
Become a pro verified seller.

It’s obvious that the spokesperson category is more niche than voice over. There’s currently almost 3000 voice over services listed as available, while only under 400 for video spokesperson.

I guess trying to get direct feedback instead of general tips for something that’s already not that common shouldn’t be expected.