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Entire gig denied because of video?

I’m confused, I had a great gig going with a video that I thought met all of Fiverr’s guidelines. Then I get a message I log on to find my gig has been denied because the video didn’t meet Fiverr standards. No message or anything. I only found out because suddenly no orders were coming in.

Why do they pull an entire gig if it’s just the video that’s the problem? Is there a way to get the gig back? I had 100% feedback and don’t want to lose it and start all over.

Thanks in advance!

I have had to resubmit a video but this didn’t affect the gig. Perhaps an editor found another problem with the gig itself while reviewing the video. I think all you can do is contact support

Reply to @mgjohn78: Thanks for the reply. Yep, contacted support yesterday. Haven’t heard anything from them.