Entitled Sellers


So I put out a request that I need visuals for multiple instrumentals from me and my partners. There are 11 so I spilt it up 6 and 5 between two people I chose from those who responded to the request.

The other guy very professional, great work, speedy delivery, no problem.

The guy I needed 6 videos from is where it took a turn. I could tell he doesn’t really speak english that well. That’s fine. I tell him what I want, say I have to get the final files together and I will send them to him the next day. He was kind of spam messaging me too but he’s eager for the sale I’m not going to judge.

He asks me what my budget is for the project. The offer he sent me shows $5 per video. That would be $30. So I told him I’m okay with $30. He send me custom offer. I accept and send him the 6 files like I said I would.

He replies confused asking why so many files and that I said because that’s what I said I would send you. He replies with not a problem okay I will do all. I understand there is language barrier so I’m not at al pissed.

There was some stuff that happened between but I’ll skip the real annoying part. He completes the gig. I accept and give him 5 star review with a nice comment saying good work. (because the work was truly nice an delivered as described)

He later messages under the same gig that I didn’t accept the gig (which isn’t true because how would I leave a review? Must be a glitch on fiverrs part)

And he also says that I didn’t tip and I should have because he did all the videos… Then tells me to accept the gig and that he’s not doing anything more (which no one asked him to)…

  1. If I didn’t accept the gig how would you know if I tipped or not?
  2. Why would I tip you for doing something you were suppose to do to begin with? Not to mention you haven’t exactly made this the easiest process but I’ll leave that out.

At this point I’m annoyed. I reply back and tell him that I said from the start it was multiple files, he just wasn’t paying attention. And why would I tip him when he doesn’t even deserve a tip. I’m not tipping you for doing a gig as described. I’ll tip if I feel you deserve it for whatever reason. An clearly I didn’t think so.

I hate to rant about fiverr sellers because I know the struggle. But when I essentially get yelled at and thrown out on my ass on my way out the door because I didn’t tip, you’re definitely getting put on the ranting pot.

That is all.


You got 6 videos for 30$ and they were good?

Damn, that seller deserves all the tips he can get, thats a stupid price. And I would never want to work for you xD

The rest of the story is very weird, no idea what happened there :S


You don’t know the nature of the videos. They were good in terms of the service was as described. And the videos weren’t exactly something that was special to the files. Or custom. They were just audio spectrum videos that occasionally spectrumed.

$5 per video = $30

More more more entitlement.


Don’t blame you.

Tip is something exclusive to 5r, far as I know & definitely not mandatory. I only tip for great work above their gig description. Many sellers deliver more than they said or just include something extra for good will. I like to take care of great sellers, those that I go to often, but other than that . . .

Not only is it tacky but the seller was wrong to ask for tip. :smirk:

I’ve never had a seller demand a tip here, few have asked on delivery, but not after acceptance. You just ended up with a bad seller. Good news is there are tons of great sellers on 5r.


Yes asking for tips i see as tacky but maybe I’m just too prideful XD

I have had other sellers ask for tips thats not the issue. Its the fact that he demanded a tip… and was rude about. Por que??? XD

Yes fiverr has lots of great sellers. And I know from experience dealing with buyers is hard. That’s why I always want to be understanding and cooperative. But when that gets thrown back in my face, I learn to also sympathize with buyers who deal with poor sellers, or atleast poor customer service.

Thanks for response :slight_smile:


thats what happened with me buyer said he accepted gig and left review but i only see review


I’m thinking its a glitch. The review is there on his page. And it doesn’t allow me to accept again. So yeah its a glitch


I agree with you. Nobody should ask for a tip. It’s way tacky and really uncomfortable. I leave a tip when the seller does an awesome job AND when I can afford it. I get killed by student loans every month, sometimes all I can afford is the gig price. Not that this would EVER be the seller’s business. If he wants more money, he should raise his prices. Tips aren’t mandatory. If he wants a $5 tip every time, than he should raise his prices by $5. Tips are always nice, but they should never be expected.


There is no way anyone in the world could produce 1 x custom video for $5. The reason your videos don’t look unique will be because your seller has sourced video templates from somewhere else which they won’t be allowed to resell and they have amended these with the information you have provided them with.

No, your seller should not have asked you for a tip. You, however, have basically just burned $30 out of your own entitlement.


Public Service Announcement: READING IS FUNDAMENTAL

In my very FIRST reply I said that I did not ask for a custom video. Go read it because I’m not repeating that whole thing.

How did I burn $30 if I SAID… as in previously wrote… as in YOU DIDN’T READ IT…I said that the video were fine as we agreed upon. It was a $5 dollar job. The other person I had do videos for me was for something more extravagant. Which is why I had to spilt up the sale into two sellers. I was also trying to be nice because he was relatively new.

If you reply to me with something I’ve already responded to, I’m just going to not reply. In that case, have a nice day :slight_smile: