Entitled to Report or Evidence


You should have value for your money. Its either you have the service delivered to you or the seller shows evidence of work done. You are entitled to it whenever it is possible for the seller to tender it as clearance for completed job.

I think this should be the work ethics that should be imbibed by sellers especially when your service demands it. Feel free to share your own views as comments below.


I’m pretty new, but I always try to stay in touch with my buyers to tell them when their work will be done. If one of them asked for proof of progress, I’d give it to them. Usually, if I have multiple orders from one buyer, once I finish one gig, I tell them when I will start on the next and how long it will likely take. My goal is to always over deliver. It’s a basic “Do Unto Others” philosophy I’ve had all my life. Even if I have a 7 day turnaround on my gig, if it’s going to take me more than 2 or 3 days, I always try to give them an idea of when it will be done. I try not to go the full time unless it’s absolutely necessary. Is this what you’re looking for?