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Entrepreneurial Depression?

I’m really enjoying the new forum trend of first time entrepreneur depression. You know the one…
It always begins with a cordial hello and a love bomb, lest we forget that this Fiverrian is authentic and totally incapable of fault:

“Hey guys! I’m new to fiverr and I love this platform. I love the people here. I love the concept of love. I love the word love. Sometimes I press my tongue to my teeth and make an “L” sound… just to anticipate the feeling of comfort that will wash over me once I’ve uttered this majestic word…”

Then…a plot twist… We hear about fiverr’s totally unfair treatment of this new seller:

“I started my gigs twenty minutes ago but I get no order! Dear, why has fiverr not given me an order? Why can’t they make marketing campaigns centered around me? I haven’t seen a single mailer with my name on it. Can’t they spring for one billboard? Just one? Seriously… some radio advertisement would be too much trouble? It’s not even that costly now’a’days.”

But THIS is where the real magic happens. We discover that the new seller- is in fact- depressed:

“I thought I would make my annual income overnight. Because I get no sales… I’ve become sad and I lack the will to continue. I can’t survive. I can’t eat or sleep. I’ve listened to “Journey” albums as the sun came up… I’m watching a “Say Yes To The Dress” marathon in feety pajamas and drinking wine from a box! I purchased things from the home shopping network! I called my ex at three in the morning and left a voicemail pretending to be in a crowded place. I posted youtube videos to facebook that were meant to ‘speak for me.’ I questioned the questioner of the primordial existential question!!! Everyone, stop what you’re doing and fix it. I can’t breathe… I cant breathe!!!”

If you’re not looking to fail you shouldn’t work for yourself. You should work for someone who is willing to fail. They’re called business owners.


Great stuff!!..:+1:


It is a good post. It is useful for new seller.

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This post is a useful Post, I like this post.

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Yes. This post is the scotch-tape of anti depressant, forum rambling.

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Pinned in honor of all of us who have listened to “Journey” albums as the sun came up

If you read this post backward- it’s a story of hope and inspiration.

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Good post, Dear. Your good writer.

I’m now re-evaluating my own state , as for me, Journey, boxed wine and Home Shopping Network purchasing is what I do when I’m happy. To each his own, I suppose. Salud.

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I L-L-L… [insert the magically majestic word] this post. :smiley:


Just for that, we shall wallow in our future sorrows together… looking longingly out of windows, sitting on park benches and pulling our coats over to display finality.

We’ll also have Randy Newman score our mutually depressed states for emphasis.

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I didn’t come up with that stuff on accident…

Don’t stop believing…

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This post should be incorporated into the Fiverr T&C as mandatory reading before a seller can sign up!

That’s incredibly kind of you to say. Not to expose the trade secrets - but I got it from this book:


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A buyer just made 12 separate orders with me…I don’t like where this is going.

“Pinned in honor of all of us who have listened to “Journey” albums as the sun came up”

Don’t. Stop. Believing.

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Srenwo ssenisub dellac er’yehT.

I think I hurt my mouth…

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In the history of “That’s what she said” moments, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…and it’s neither the platform, nor the correct environment for me to make that joke… now I really am depressed. Journey it is!

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After 20 minutes huh? Stop it! I can’t with that today! Poor thing, she doesn’t get it. The minute you decide to start a business, you put yourself in the position to fail. You have to work at it to succeed and no one is just going to hand it to you. Thanks for sharing!