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Environmental, social and governance issues weighing on the shoulders of your business?


Hey there!

Recently did I start actively offering Gigs on Fiverr and it has been positively challenging so far :smiley:

In a world where environmental, social, economic and governance issues are increasing in importance with each day, the impact on your business is probably not lost on you. The impact may also be that it is easy to lose track of the importance of a robust legal foundation.

As an experienced legal & business consultant, I sincerely would like to beg to differ. It is highly important to match your legal and business foundation to your organization’s success - not only of today but especially of tomorrow!

I offer four services spread over two Gigs:

  1. Legal documentation written in international legal business language;
  2. Advise on your corporate governance and risk management issues;
  3. Strategic business advise;
  4. And advise on your strategic business partnerships and alliances.

Have a look at my Gigs and my profile: and just consider how valuable a partner in business could be.

And if you think there may be some way we can work together, but you are not sure yet how: don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss what added value these topics can have for your business.

As always: growing your business with you!

Emperica Consult