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Epic Dry Spell after Decent Success

Hey guys,

I’ve been a seller and user for a couple years.

Recently going through a heavy dry spell, I’m wondering if anyone help me out!

Here’s my page:

Any advice, whatever it is, is greatly appreciated! Please don’t be general. Point out specific examples.

Thank guys

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I think your page looks to be in very professional order.

Not sure why things might have suddenly taken a dip for you, but I am sure they will pick back up soon!

Best of luck with your business, I hope you recieve some orders soon.


Take a look at other top sellers in the same category and see if you can fine tune what you have. Always good to refine your gig on a regular basis, once a month or so.

Keep it up, you’ll get there.

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This is a tough one because SEO is extremely competitive on Fiverr.

I’d suggest you illustrate the value a little more clearly. Your gigs are written for someone who already knows why SEO is important.

A lot of people don’t even know there websites aren’t crawlable. It’s important to illustrate the problem you solve.

I would also suggest you try focusing on a niche. That way you can demonstrate that you know the problems facing that niche and you could be more discoverable in related gig search queries. People are more receptive once they know you understand them.

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this is extremely normal. all of us on fiverr have times like this :slight_smile:


It happens with lots of users here. I think there is big update in fiverr algorithms.
I am level 2 seller and have 100+ positive reviews without any negative review and still from last month i am not recieving any orders or message from new clients.
Looks like fiverr focussing on new sellers and users.
Hope you will get more orders soon.

Thanks yea, I need to continue to edit.


Thanks for sharing that!

I will give it a try!