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Epic quest with support agents on impossible level of difficulty

Agent 1, Agent 2, Agent 3 and etc - are different support agents.
I don’t want to blame someone, i just want to tell my sad/funny story about solving simple problem, that is still unsolved, support agents and etc to fiverr community… So here it is:

1 month ago i changed my mobile number. So i went to fiverr’s settings and tried to paste a new number there instead of old one. I entered secret question, old number, typed in new number and…verify button via call/sms was grey/unclickable. I cleaned my cookies and tried other browser, nothing helped, buttons wer grey.
So i went to fiverr’s support service, created a ticket, described situation, attached screenshot and asked what i should to do.

Epic quest began 1 month ago:

Agent 1: please clear your browser’s cache & cookies and preferably use Chrome.

Ok, no problem. I cleaned my cache once again, installed chrome and it did not helped. There were grey buttons.

Agent 2: please write your old and new number, make sure that adobe flash is turned on and up to date

I wrote my numbers, and yes, flash was turned on.

Agent 2: please attach a screeshot

I attached it before, but no problems i did a new one and attached it.

Agent 3: can you record a video of whole process

No, problems. I installed OBS and started to record my screen with my attemts to verify my new number, and then i attached it to ticket.

Agent 3: I’ve applied a quick fix to your account, please wait 6 hours and try again

Okay, i waited this time, tried, but buttons were grey. So i wrote that it did not work.

Agent 4: I have applied a small fix to your account. You should now be able to try again!

I tried and it did not work.

*Agent 5: Let me apply some additional fixes. Use a PC/Mac to enter the code, and not a mobile browser. Use your top keys, not numpad *

Of course i was using PC, did you see a video with screencapturing? And yes, i did not use numpad, and there were grey buttons.

Agent 5: Could you please provide me with a screenshot or preferably a screen recording of what happens when you try to verify so that I can look into this? Please use chrome incognito mode

Hm, but i attached a video and screenshots before. No problems, here is a new one video with my new attempts through incognito mode

Agent 6: Can you please give it some more time, clear your cache and cookies and try again?

I was tired, this simple problem took 2 weeks already to that moment. I decided to install Linux on virtual box, and tried to change number through it. I installed absoulutely clean distributive of ubuntu, opened browser, went to fiverr and there was the same problem. Buttons of verification were grey. All process was recorded via OBS on video, i attached this video to my new message.
It was a proof that these grey buttons was fiverr’s bug and was not problem of my system.

Agent 6: I’ve applied several fixes that take some time to take effect. Please check on this in 6 hours and get back to us.

Emm, wait for what? Okay. No problems. 6 hours ended, problem was there.

*Agent 7: Can you please tell us about your system so we could check this further? OS, Browser versions and etc *

Yes, sure. I wrote it.

Agent 8: I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team. They will review your support request ticket and work on resolving the issue for you. This may take some time to resolve on our end, but we will keep you updated on their progress.

Ok, it’s great, because i also tried right now different pc’s and there was the same problem. It’s absoulutely fiverr’s bug.

2 weeks there was silence in my ticket. I checked it sometimes in 2-3 days.

Agent 9: Could you please try to type and backspace until the buttons for verifications go green? It might take a couple of seconds. TICKET MARKED AS CLOSED

Okay, i tried. And of course it did not help and buttons were grey. I tried through different PCs, through my friends pcs, through my installed linux on virtual machine, through different icognito modes on different browsers. Of course i don’t have adblocker or firewall or something. I’m not newbie with computers. So i created a new ticket.

Agent 10: I reviewed the previos ticket, Can you please try using a different browser and let me know if this helps

I did it many times. And wrote about it…

Agent 11: make sure to use the numbers on top of your keyboard instead of a number pad.
Please, remember that the process can be done only via a PC.

Oh really? Is it trolling?

Agent 12: No, certainly not. We are trying to help you with phone verification.

But i said many times that i used numbers on top of keyboard and PC, not nokia 3310 :slight_smile: Did you watch a 3 videos that i attached?

Agent 13: Please be informed that this case has already been reviewed by our relevant department and everything seems to be alright from our end. Please open your browser in Incognito/Private mode and please make sure to disable any firewall or ad blockers that you use.

I’m happy that it was reviewed, but it does not work. I opened my browser in incognito mode and record video of whole process. Did you watch it? Here is a new one video. Please watch it.

Agent 14: Can you please try changing your phone with a different one ?

I tryed number of my mom, same problem.
So I started recording my screen again, LOL. Clean cache, open chrome, open google, enter “Israel government phone”, open random government site, copy number of president’s office, go to fiverr, pasting it and trying to verify. Buttons of SMS or call are grey. Whole process is recorded via OBS.

*Agent 15: We have watched a video, of course. I see in our system that you have finally verified your number *

What? LOL. What number? President’s number? Or my number, that i was trying to verify for 30 day with fiverr’s support? Someone from support manually attached my number to my account?

Agent 15: Sorry, it was mistake, you did not verify anything. May you use backspace, type in the number and then delete a part of it and then type in again.

I’m sending a video where i’m entering number and using back space, entering numer and delete it via backspace. Problem still there.

Agent 16 (i’ve seen him before, he answered under number 6 before): I’ve applied several fixes to your account. Can you please try again in a couple of hours?

Ok, no problems, but 2,5 weeks ago you said me the same. 2 hours ended. And of course it does not work. Here is a video(7th or 8th in a row)…

Agent 16: I took some actions on our end and it takes some time for them to affect your account.
As this is the case, please give it another shot in 5 to 6 hours :wink:

So i’m here… Buttons are still gray, nobody cares. I have no idea what to do. If my account will be stolen - just because i can’t turn on 2factor authentifiction, I can’t verify my new number and don’t have acces to old number…
I found a bug and multiple proofs that it is a bug, and it’s not my PC problem. Record it on video many times. Just tryed to verify through many computers with windows/linux. I was patient and polite. Support agents do not care.

I want to cry.


I tried to change my phone number in November 2017 and it wouldn’t let me because of the same bug.

Originally, I also used PayPal for withdrawals but my Paypal was hacked earlier in 2017. I get paid now via Payoneer. However, I don’t like how I can not remove my old PayPal address and replace it with my new one. (To do this, Fiverr sends an email to the email address linked with your original PayPal with a link you click to confirm.)

In short, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a fix. :roll_eyes:


That’s so ridiculous. Like a groundhog day. Well done in keeping yourself calm. I think I would’ve exploited after so many times repeating the same thing.

How about going in Twitter, tagging their CEO and stating that fiverr doesn’t want to fix a security breach from their side? That can cause stealing personal information and breaching GDPR. (Which was reported by multiple sellers)


Yes, exactly, like a groundhog day.

I will go to twitter, thanks for idea. But i really don’t think that CEO read replies there at all, just because there are a lot of random spam :frowning:

Right now.

Agent 17: Please make sure not to use your keypad. Instead, please use the numbers located above the letters of your keyboard.

I think it’s called hard trolling…

Yeah, i forgot to write that ~1 week later they let me to change my number.

But then happened “i’m out of search”. I really think that these events are connected to each other. Firstly i thougt that bug, like analytics bug, and everything will be okay and did not complain. But when you can’t find your best selling gig in search for 2 months, especially when you recieved a lot of positive reviews, and when ecommerce market is growing up during covid pandemy.

What should i think? Analytics is off. CS again write random copypaste instead of conversation.

Someone from cs read this thread and shadowbaned me. I have no other explanation why i’m out of search.