Episode 1: Fiverr in Hours


Welcome to the first episode of Fiverrcast! This is a show created for Fiverr sellers by TRS to offer insight and tips for your Fiverr business. In this episode, hosts reddhorrocks and twistedweb123 are joined by Tom, newbold3d to discuss how they manage their time between life, family and Fiverr. They also answer some questions sent in by the community. This episode was edited by landongrace.

Update: You can now find Fiverrcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

Transcript for this episode is available here.
Transcribed by: transexpert

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I really like the first Pod Cast . Great to hear from actual fiverr people who are doing well. I have made over $5,000 with Fiverr so far and really like it. I have lot’s of gigs and wish I could have more than 20. Thanks for the initiative!


Woot woot!! Great job team! Sharing with my network!


Yes! So excited for this. Subscribing now!




wow Its amazing :slight_smile:


Amazing, Good to know fiverr army is increasing day by day… and tons of buyers coming in.


I really appreciate the TRSs keeping us upcoming sellers in mind. I can relate to everything that’s been said in this episode. I take pride in my gig, and I hope my service and quality will get noticed one day.


You guys did an excellent job kicking the podcast off! I share many of the same sentiments, and I felt a more genuine community connection based on the experiences of other tenured Top Rated/Super Sellers. Again, you guys did great, and I look forward to the next one.


Well done, innovating method to help Sellers and Buyers. Thank you.


Really appreciate … amazing !!! :)>-


Good job !


Wow, this is amazing! Great job everyone. Can’t wait for the next one.


Waooo great. I love it :)>-


It was cool. Loved it =D>





It will help get it more notoriety on Soundcloud and beyond… :slight_smile:



Just Love it


This is just amazing!