Episode 1: Fiverr in Hours


Two cents from the buy (future seller) side: Redd Rocks! The intro for my upcoming podcast is perfect. I’m promoting my own launch and Redd makes me look like a star, even before I push the “Go” button. Thanks again, Redd! Looking forward to lots of future variations.

Fragglesrock.com intro, featuring a British voice artist.


Wow,This Is Really Amazing…


Great job! Loved it!


Great job, great team!


great … too much exited for this


Great. Keep them coming.


Brilliant co-hosts. Terrific answers to some great Seller questions.


Well done, guys! A fine first episode.


This is really good to know that fiverr think about seller. It is better for seller if the commission is less from sellers(which now have the 20%)




I appreciate this.


How i can be a top rated seller


Good job. I love it. :-&


Fantastic Job guys


Hopefully, you’ll get this syndicated soon (via Libsyn or some other syndicator) so that it’s discoverable via iTunes and other podcast-listening apps.


nice job, fellow fiverrerrs!


I’m glad that someone decided to create a podcast for Fiverr. This will be a great tool for sellers and buyers alike. The audio is crystal clear.


yes, it is look quite good.I am happy for create the great tool and add for video section.


Wow, this is amazing!

Keep up the great work, guys!


Woow…Good work Fiverr… :-bd