Episode 1: Fiverr in Hours


Sweet! I’m looking forward to listening. I’m not only a podcaster, but a big time podcast junkie who loves to listen to new shows! This one I’m ALL OVER!!! Yay :slight_smile:


I Really love this… :x One day I also be able to be a super seller :">


Love this…


I am new to fiverr forum. Really love the new podcast.
I heard everyone in the podcast calling them "Fiverr Ambassador"
What is it and how do one become an ambassador?


I Really love it!




Get this on iTunes :slight_smile:


Excellent podcast! Just like Dave Ramsey says, if you want to be a millionaire you need to sit down and learn from a millionaire. The same goes with Fiverr. If you want to be one of the top sellers on Fiverr, you need to learn directly from the Top Rated Sellers.

I’ve personally used twistedweb123 and he gave me some invaluable tips on how to grow my business on Fiverr. I’m pulling in almost as much as I make at my day job and it’s an amazing feeling.

Josh aka JShrade


That is a great initiative!
This would be helpful in helping us manage time!


I am New For Fiverr,
Help me to be top rated seller.
Please give me some orders.
Thank You,
God Bless you !


Well this sounds fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely phenomenal ! So very proud of you all. Fantastic job. I’ll be listening in as a subscriber. :slight_smile:


Great Idea…!!!


thank you so much


Hello: Great idea!!! I can help you with the podcast for the SPANISH MARKET. I am a podcaster with a successful voiceover gig at Fiverr…


Great job! And thanks for the tips!


Good Job! Go a head Fiverr!


Any chance of this getting onto the iTunes Podcast section so that I can make sure not to miss any?


Great idea! Any hopes to get on the list to be a host for an episode?


I use my real name on my Fiverr seller account. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but wondering if Not using your real name sets up limitations twistedweb123,newbold3d,reddhorrocks