Episode 1: Fiverr in Hours


wooow… nice


nice one i get lot of idea how to handle projects.



Great Idea of Fiverr. Love it so much


Awesome, i loved the way you people described everything in detail. Its good to know that people are working hard for others to be better.


I enjoyed the podcast and appreciate the information that was shared. I am relatively new to Fiver (just over 2 months) and it is my goal to be a top seller by the end of year one (1). This information about managing time is very helpful and gives me insight of tips that works for others. I look forward to the next podcast. Thank you!.


WOW, simply awesome and classy. Great job fiverr team, many thanks and big respect to you guys for bringing innovative stuff. Proud to be a fiverr seller.


I am on level 2.
Please give me some tips to be top rated…




Great job guys! keep it up :slight_smile:


Great first episode. I have two questions:

  1. Do you monitor your effective hourly rate?
  2. How do you use gig extras to boost revenue and average sale price?




Can’t find in the itunes platform yet - is there a separate title for its official listing?


Best thing Since Steve Jobs :slight_smile: See me for reviews too and keep up the good work guys go hard dream chasers


wow Its amazing


Awesome i really love this


great work i really appreciate. thank you guys


wow nice


Glad that there are supporting services so that we are encouraged to succeed.


Question for Redd: how the he** you wake up in only 45min with a SINGLE coffee??!?!? o.O

I need 1 and in 45 min another one ;D

you are way more organized than most of us !

Amazing podcast guys, keep them coming ! You rock!


I Really love it!That is a great initiative.
This would be helpful in helping us manage time