Episode 1: Fiverr in Hours




Cool :slight_smile:


I absolutely love this! :slight_smile:


Great job. loved it. :x =D>


This is one of the best Pod Cast (Fiverrcast) I have heard. Actually its my first one too :slight_smile: I used to see only and only Rand’s White Board Friday @ Moz. But hopefully, I would listen to it every week too like Moz.

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Thanks a lot for all the 3 Speakers for sharing some nice points about working over Fiverr.com and earning the right money through right work with the right time spend on.

Ozair Akhtar
Digital Marketing and Advertising Professional


I have create a Gig last 1month.But i can not sell any Gig.I hear in fiverr new commer has a good profit for get a job.at last i am very disappoint for nothing to new bee work.I don’t know can i work with fiberr and how long to wait for a job. i am helpless…


wow Its amazing


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Great info, but I have been here for a while, and I have great gigs but all I am getting is offers from other fiverr people like myself and not real clients? It’s very slow for me, any tips on how to bring more traffic beside social media, since this isn’t working for me. And I do offer one day delivery, so I am doing everything that was suggested, anything else?


Awesome. Love it!!!


Great resource and advice! Can’t wait for the next podcast!


Great show!!! The best way to learn is listen to those who are top in their field!!!


i need some buyer :frowning:


Its a very interesting and motivational show.
A great step ahead!!!


Excellent! Thanks for all tips! Andre.


That Great Job :slight_smile: in future i will be a top rated seller :)>-


I feel honored to do the transcription for the first ever Podcast :slight_smile: feeling super proud !!


This is amazing and helpful, thanks guys


Very nice


Excellent! I think, it’s too much helpful for me because, I’m a New seller on Fiverr.com!