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Episode 16: Feature Recap of 2015 & 2016 Wishlist


Live in NYC, a panel of sellers get together to chat about the most helpful features launched in 2015, and share their feature wishlist for 2016.

This week, hosts Redd ( and Adam ( are joined by Wayne (, Marco ( and Ryan ( for this discussion.

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Mods and Fiverr Staff - Curious about if / how feedback from the forums is fed back to Fiverr support / product development

Awesome As ever… How i wish i cud attend that party in New york !


i wish you could give us statistics on how many buyers are in each level and such, that would be great

What features would be on your wishlist for 2016 ? Discuss:


Hi guys, I really like the new feature about the project file… Sellers can now sell the buyers the file for the job… This’s really great… Thumbs up to fiverr team for doing this.

Irie blessings… One Jamaica




I just wish that fiverr could reduce the time period of clearing funds for us level 2 sellers.

14 days is really a long wait.

Thanks fiverr… Irie blessings.


Shorter clearing is a perk for TRS, Checkout how to become TRS Here: Levels


Thank You Fiverr! You Solved My Problem…!!


Woow…!! That’s amazing .


How to advertise my gigs> Does Fiverr offer any?


I went and looked at the LEVELS. It shows that you need 30 current GIGs to reach TRS. I am currently only allowed 20. How do I get to 30?


Hi there! It actually states that you are permitted 30 active gigs. TRS is done via editorial selection. But I totally see why you were confused by the terminology!


What Redd said


Time to get a cup of tea, cos this is long hahahah!

OK things on my wishlist :slight_smile:

Lower commission on high value orders
It is clear fiverr is working towards higher value orders, which is awesome. I totally understand the 20% on small orders and in general terms, but when quoting on higher value orders, the commission is just too high. I think it would be great to have a staggered commission rate on orders over a certain price point, as otherwise it reduces the value for the customer.
$5-$250 20%
$250-$500 17.5%
$500-$750 15%
$750-$1000 12.5%
over $1000 10%
or something like that?

Fully transparent pricing for customers
Again something that reduces the value for customers is the processing fee. I don’t think this makes a huge impact on a $5 order, but again for bigger orders, it can make a difference. Importantly, it is not included on any custom offer quotes, which is really unfair to customers, as they think they will be paying a certain price, but then find out ONLY once paying for the order, that it is actually more. I think there should be a way to show the breakdown/fees as part of that order process more clearly. Also enable that processing fee to be shown on quotes, so no nasty surprises for clients later.

Make it clearer the site is in USD
I often get new customers being miffed to find my quote is actually in USD. Experienced sellers understand the site is in USD, but for any country with a currency that is a dollar currency, they could easily think the price is being quoted in their own currency - for example Australian dollars, not USD dollars. I would like that to be clearer - again for the benefit of buyers.

Withdrawing a partial balance
Currently we can only withdraw the entire of our balance, but I would LOVE to be able to choose how much to withdraw, to ideally leave a small amount in fiverr in case I wanted to purchase gigs.

Dashboard improvements
I love the dashboard and use it constantly, but the current layout could include a lot more information easily. Currently each item just says “you need to deliver your order” and the customers name. With a “deliver now” box. It would be really great to at least have the details of what gig that was and instead of “deliver now” a see more info box or something like that, as deliver now doesn’t actually deliver now, it just takes you to the order. You then have to click another box to deliver. I know we have the manage sales area, with more info, but I like having everything on the dashboard together as a summary.

I would also love to be able to manually set the order items appear on the dashboard. Sometimes it seems to get all mixed up and not put the items in the correct order of when they are due. Sometimes the review response messages are at the top etc etc. It would be great to be able to have some control over how we see this.

Bringing order/Inbox notes together
I totally understand why the order and inbox messages are separate, but it would be awesome for there to be a way to easily transfer inbox messages to an order, as some clients message outside the order and it can be really hard to keep on top of things with info in two places. Even if there was a little link to say transfer this message to order xxx. Or else a way to cut and paste the messages across, without making that message notify the customer - ie tick a box to say do not notify customer of this message. That would also be handy for leaving notes for yourself about the order.

Restricted account access for VA’s etc
I would really love it if there was a way to give someone else access to your account, but in a restricted way, ie just for messages and order information. For the situation of getting someone to help with order messages etc, without them having full access to financials, etc

Agreed time extension
I would love if there was a way for a client to extend time, if the issue is on their end. Ie they order before they have all their information ready, or send a script etc, but the order clock is still ticking down. This isn’t fair and puts stress on when it really shouldn’t. It would also be appropriate for when the customer changes something, and you agree to do it, but again, it will take extra time. There are many circumstances where this would be helpful and obviously it would have restrictions.

Time extension when customers request a modification
This is probably an extension of the above comment - but I am referring to AFTER the order has been delivered now. Sometimes customers request modifications that are outside of the spec of the original order, which can sometimes mean extra time to deliver. The client agrees, but there are big red stressful LATE signs all over the gig. It would be very helpful if when a buyer requests a modification, the seller is then able to assign that a delivery time, rather than it being marked late. Ideally, when we set the number of modifications, we can set the time it takes for those modifications - ie 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours etc.

Modification confirmation for buyers
Many many times buyers press the modification request, not for a modification, but to ask a question etc etc. I think it would be great when they press modification, to have a pop up box saying “are you unhappy with your order?” click here (take them to the modifications) or “do you have a question or message for your seller?” click here (direct to messages). Or something like that. It would also be good if the buyer gets a gig with no modifications included, that they get a message saying “this gig does not include any free modifications, would you like to contact your seller?” and send them to messages.

Quick responses
I LOVE the quick responses, one of my favourite new features, but I would love them even more if they were able to be organised. Either by folders (so you can separate inbox/customer service responses from delivery responses) or even just being able to change the order around, so the most frequently used ones are at the top.

Order instructions
I also LOVE the new instructions page for the buyers, but I would love it more if it was clearer on the order instructions, which part was my message to them and which part was their response. Sometimes (and on the mobile app) it bolds my message to them and does a dashed lined between. Please make that happen all the time :slight_smile:

Being able to see your gig as a buyer
I would love to be able to see what my gig looks like to buyers, the whole way from start to finish, so I can quickly and easily see if I have set it up in the best way - ie including the instructions page. There is no way to do that at the moment unless you order your own gig - which you can’t. There are things on my gig I had no idea would (or wouldn’t) show up, until I had actually ordered other gigs from other sellers. Many sellers don’t buy gigs, so I think a feature like that could improve the quality of gigs generally.

Featured gigs
I have been here for almost 12 months and in that time, I have noticed that almost all of the gigs marked “featured” are the same as they were 12 months ago, it doesn’t look like any/many gigs have been added to that featured line up? It would be cool for these to change up a bit more.

Customer service
Please please PLEASE increase the customer service resources and encourage the agents to actually read the requests instead of flicking cookie cutter responses that don’t actually respond to the issue. Enough said :wink:

Last but not least…
A personal problem point - please take the word voicemail off the banned word list!!! I had HUGE problems setting up a voicemail gig and as I am a voiceover artist, who records voicemails on a daily basis, I am continually frustrated with having to change it to voice mail just to get it past the banned word list (and have to do the same thing on my gig). Perhaps if you do a gig that does voicemail, you could be excepted to certain words (same thing for other categories?)

Well done if you managed to get to the end of my long long wishlist! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see what fiverr plans to roll out for 2016! Hoping 2016 brings everyone much fiverr success :slight_smile:


Oh and one more thing :slight_smile:

I would love to see some advanced statistics - things like monthly sales (so you can easily compare how you are going month to month), even within each month daily sales in $$ terms (on a pretty graph) - perhaps even setting a target for yourself to see how you are tracking against target…


Hi there, Really Awesome all …


Great podcast! I’ve enjoyed listening to it, you guys made me laugh out loud! Keep up the good work.


Sue already listed some great points above. Here are some other ideas:

-I would love to see a change in the current rating system such as visible buyer ratings. Also, why does a buyer get the opportunity to change his/her rating within 3 days, this should only be possible with consent.

-Something I would love to see is, if a profile is set for vacation mode, wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful for the profile to be still visible in the search(with the current notification model in place) , so potential client would have the opportunity to wait for that particular seller?

-Who doesn’t want a BLOCK buyer button

-The possibility for partial refunds, for example if a client overpaid by mistake.

-No commission on tips (though I understand this would be a almost impossible from an administrative perspective)

Thank you Fiverr for the wonderful opportunities you create for all the sellers and buyers.
It has been an absolute fantastic year. I also want to say thank you to all the Fiver staff for all their hard work and for making Fiverr better and better. Thank you Fiverr Admins, Sheriffs, and Ambassadors for dedicating so much of your personal time, you are a big inspiration to many sellers and your help and advise is greatly appreciated.


That’s really amazing …


Love your ideas too! Especially partial refunds - that would be brilliant! and being visible in the search when on vacation mode :slight_smile: