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Episode 16: Feature Recap of 2015 & 2016 Wishlist


that good


It’s to hard for newbie person, also region is maybe fact. Fiverr needs to monitoring newbie, and need to make them part of Fiverr. Need to give them chance doing better. Anyway,
Wishes best of luck Fiverr, Fiverr Management Teams and also who works on Fiverr.


Some excellent suggestion here Sue ! Thanks for taking the time to compile such an extensive list !


Thanks so much for your suggestions :slight_smile:


It’s good


Wow, you gave some awesome suggestions! Thanks for taking time to do all that. :slight_smile:


I agree! I work with, and I tend to be discontent with other Stats pages elsewhere because Etsy’s is so good! We defo need more options and a few more graphs.


Thanks so much Sue for the wonderful suggestions! Agreed on all points!


Hey There!
These are really mind blowing and awesome.


Oh and one more that would be useful for word count related gigs - writing, proofreading, voiceover, video testimonials etc - anything where the number of gigs is related to a word count… I would love (and I mean LOVE!) if the buyer could put their wordcount in a box or something and fiverr would then automatically work out how many gigs they needed to order (based on your word count per gig) that would save heaps of work with doing custom orders and make it easier for the customer to order directly from the gig :slight_smile:


i would like to see two important features that will help sellers a lot :

1- the ability to extend the duration of an order with the mutual agreement of both the seller and the buyer.
2- make the the reviews available on buyers profiles


One I just thought of. For those of us who have many gigs: the ability to change our delivery and turnaround time for all gigs in one fell swoop, instead having to manually go into each one to change it.


I’ve been a big advocator of tiered commission rates. Fiverr may lose higher commission $$ in the short run, but in the long run it would prompt for larger orders to be created and also brought into the platform.


My comment was spam and was taken down.


Go back to charging $5 not $5.50, have better rotation of gigs on the recommended tab, not just the same top level sellers or the ones who have orders in queue. Yeah, I know it makes great business sense (more money to you), but whatever happened to the simple n fair Fiverr of 2013-2014. Too many changes, not all good done by you guys in 2015

I don’t think so newbies (or even level 1 sellers) have a fair chance now. I still manage to get an order every now n then.

All the best to everyone on Fiverr for 2016. I just wish to make a more consistent income outside of Fiverr, on numerous other freelance sites n forums and by simply networking on social media sites.


Another thing would be the abiltiy to edit a message or even delivery, if the client hasn’t read or checked it yet.


I would love that too! :slight_smile:


Amazing! I need to up my social networking game.


Here is mine:
1.I really would love the response rate to be removed.
2. For sellers to see beforehand if a buyer will be a spammer or not good for business. I know there might not be any control for buyers with stolen credit card, but it would be nice to see if for example a buyer was rated maybe three different times or more negatively. I think this will be in the best interest for the sellers because you wouldn’t be wasting time with such a buyer in the first place.
3. Improve the report button when you do not want a buyer or even seller to contact you because even when you click on report these messages are still filtering too.
4. Oh raise my base gig category soon from $5 lol I had to put that in for the new year.
5. Make my gigs page more user friendly for me to understand, this might seem a personal one for someone who is a novice in understanding the graphs, but maybe a report on what was happening in the month or every quarterly will not be a bad idea.
6. Allow sellers to get a breakdown of monthly reports of sales, from what I am getting yes I know it’s my responsibility to keep track of this and download what’s happening for sales, but currently the csv only shows the order number and the amount, maybe this is too much to ask, but a more detailed report of having this instead of only order number, amount and date the current one is just bland.

Thank you.

Ps. Great improvements on some areas of the site so looking forward to what will be happening in the near future.


I like your list. As a fellow voice over artist these make perfect sense! Let’s hope they listen. I was just thinking of some of my orders of several hundred dollars. These take a long time to complete, and then to have fiverr gouge me by taking $40 - $60 of it. OUCH.