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Episode 18: Post Holiday Financial Recovery


Coming back from the holidays and work can be a bit slow. How do you manage this?

This week, hosts Redd ( and Adam ( are joined by Linnea (, for the discussion.

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Happy Holiday


Thank you Fiverr


Why do not show IMPRESSIONS, CLICKS & VIEWS this problem some days, Please informed me how to solve this problem


Same problem with me , maybe cause of holidays ,NO Business and NO ratting what we can do ?


I am also facing same problem… No buyers :frowning:


-Hello! Back from holidays :smiley:


This was great! This is the first time for me as a listener. I’ve been lurking around and thought I would tune in. I’m not one to get right on the “new Year’s Resolution” bandwagon because I always have the most mo-jo (in life, in general) in the springtime. It’s a toss-up between whether fall or spring is my favorite season! But yes, these fluctuations probably have a little to do with different industries…Also, the holiday frenzy might mean that people are “spent” (nice pun huh) out by January.


Learned lots from your episode… Really helps to develop our skills…