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Episode 19: A Buyer’s Perspective


Get a buyer’s perspective on the ordering process. What entices them to buy and what brings them back? This episode offers insights and tips that will help you improve your business and get more sales.

This week, hosts Redd ( and Adam ( are joined by Fiverr top buyer Jennifer, for the discussion (

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I am not getting any hits on my gigs and I was getting 3 and 4 a day this has been going on for over a month now what is going on please advise


Need help
one of the buyer order me to re-size the images and i did it according to his suggestion at the end he left with only 1 star rating and bad comment due to which my overall ratings drops to 87% and now i can’t sent offer to the buyer,therefore what i should to hire buyers.?


Help me
how to sale fiverr gigs?


Sorry to post this here, but I can’t find somewhere else to post

  1. How do I post in the forum?

  2. How do I upload my account with money so I can purchase gigs here on fiverr


Fiverr 3.0, Fiverr plays roulette with the top spots. A few weeks your gig might appear in the top 3 spots for a search term, then for another few weeks it’s not there and your impressions drop. I’m unsure whether or not Fiverr does this on purpose to try and give everyone a fair chance of having their gig appear at the top of searches.


I am new member in Fivrr
I hope that benefited from time with my gig


I had to deliver a order late due to my illness.Now my whole account is down, is there a way to get my account back to previous status?
Anyone who can help?


my account is 2 month old and I complete one comic strip he seas it is good but did not contact after that and he also give a order but did not give the concept for this comic so that I cancel this and he did not give any command or rating so that my over all rating is become 0% and I did not gate any hit how can I improve my sell


Use Buyer Requests section!