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Episode 20: Making Money from Your Art


Staying true to your art, while making money from it can be a challenge. This episode, talks about some of these challenges that artists face when it comes to selling art while maintaining artistic integrity.

This week, hosts Redd ( and Adam ( are joined by singer/songwriter and winner of the #BigHook contest, Lonna Marie (

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Great one!


didn’t log into the account due to home shifting, have completed all orders. Will there be a chance to get back to my previous status?


Not bad, I liked how the singer got inspired to create a gig as a singing coach, even if she admits not having done it before. It’s a risky proposition, but if she’s good, she’ll get awesome reviews. If not, she can delete that gig.


Nice, very inspired…


Very Helpful


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Verrry good listen! Need more interviews/podcast like this one! Making money by doing something that you genuinely love to do is priceless! Fiverr is an amazing platform for exploiting your talents to make a consistent income! Also, Lonna Marie’s/Lola Rhodes music is sooo good! Don’t sleep on her yall!


This ! Is! Awesome! Congrats Lonna!


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