Episode 21: From Buyer to Seller


How did you get started on Fiverr? We hear many different stories including buyers who decide to start selling. In most cases, these sellers become very successful in the process.

This week, hosts Redd (http://www.fiverr.com/reddhorrocks) and Adam (http://www.fiverr.com/twistedweb123) are joined by Stephanie (https://www.fiverr.com/zurichexpat), a Fiverr buyer, turned seller, who talks to us about making this transition and how she was able to build up a successful business with help from other sellers she worked with.

Seller mentioned in this episode:

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Inspiring! This is the first ever episode of your show that I have listened to and I must say that it has confirmed many of the things I thought I could use the site for but was doubtful about whether doing so would be appropriate: it has given legitimacy to, for example, wanting to have someone write your gig for you. Thank you for sharing your stories.


I took a look at Zurichexpat’s gigs, they start at $100 for I will craft a GORGEOUS, personalized Squarespace website

And $140 for I will craft your existing Squarespace page to PERFECTION

unless you deselect two gig extras.

Very nice gigs. I also see she charges $50 for one day deliver, so, do the math, a $150 sale means she’ll be making $120. Very good wage for one job, and if she can get it done in one hour, even better, but if it takes her 10 hours, then it’s not that great.


can anyone know how to promote gigs without social media?


inspiring story


Have you considered ptc sites?


Amazing episode :slight_smile:


Inspiring story, I love listening to success stories … especially ones that involve success on Fiverr!


Hi there,
Am I can Buy any gig offer to on my seller account …?
Please anybody help me. I want to know this policy.


How can I achieve a gig if my card doesn’t support online transaction overseas.


Yes I guess you can,I’ve also bought some gigs here though I’m a seller


Ask CS about that,they’ll help you


Awesome episode, as usual, it’s better to try than not doing anything at all.


I always thought that one should take risks to do things that seem impossible, many of my friends do not know of the existence of fiverr not believe in it but I have faith that they will soon be able to show my success here too, only I have a sale but I think I will achieve gradually get more, happy day.


nice story !!


Nice tips


Nice… Good Job guys… I like this :slight_smile: Keep it up


Amazing Story :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing!


I am getting problem i have join fiverr last 8 days and i never sells my gigs what happen can any one tell me