Episode 22: Tools for Freelancers




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I recently checked whether Fiverr is the best platform for freelancers who wan to start small.
I came across other platforms similar to Fiverr. I was particularly interested in learning more because I suddenly felt Fiverr’s 20% fee hurts after all especially if you have worked on projects that took hours and days to complete. not that we charge much on Fiverr but the fee makes your already weary eyes teary when you decide to take a pause and check you earnings.

none the less, I really like Fiverr’s platform and interface. there are new Buyer requests all the time and it now feel like a community to me.
So, what is the best attitude for a Seller if she/he wants to grow and make the best of what Fiverr offer.

Or will Sellers be better off adding on top of their fees to Buyers, that 20% fee charged to them.

What are other Sellers doing that seems to help.


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my i ask you one thing if u dont mind?


I can understand feeling a bite from the 20% fees, but I really think (at least in my case) that I’d have to spend at least 20% of my earnings in service promotion and marketing if I didn’t use Fiverr. For me, Fiverr acts as my agent and almost as a business manager, not to mention my SEO expert and my overall marketing team. Fiverr brings so much great business to me that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to, unless I hired other people to handle all those tasks or tried to do them myself. At the end of the day, I feel like 20% is a reasonable cost of business for everything Fiverr provides me. I do voiceover gigs, so I’m not sure whether my experience transfers well to other types of work.


This is such a fun episode :slight_smile:
I totally agree with everything especially with the singing to keep myself sane the whole day hahaha
I also do watch movies for white noise most of the time :slight_smile:
As an illustrator, having half of the screen for movies and half for my editing software really works for me :slight_smile:

BUT! it took me a month to be able to stick to that habit and still foucs more on the work that I’m doing :slight_smile:


Really it’s good for freelancers


Nice to get some help from the pros.
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