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Episode 24: Boosting Sales with Youtube


Youtube can be used as a tool to help promote your Fiverr business and not only for video services.

This week, hosts Redd ( and Adam ( are joined by Mark (, an experienced Youtube personality, who shares tips and tricks for boosting sales with youtube.

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A great share!


that is ok


Is the audio edited, given effects?


Thanks for having me, guys! It was great fun.


I am brand new to fiverr and this was the first fiverrcast I listened to. Outstanding!! I will be listening to more. Thanks so much!


Awesome Share Thanks


It’s the professor! That’s great. xD


Awesome info! Thx!


Thanks! Your Great effort! Social media are helpful for Increasing/Improving Sales.


What a great episode, I will definitely be using Youtube to promote my gigs. Thank you.


valuable info… good .


I have been using YouTube for some time now and what has been said is true and you have really got to invest the time into using YouTube and never give up, because they say once your are at that moment of giving up, you could have been successful with it.


Superb post and very helpful.!


What an informative episode.




superb post,very informative.thanks


is there any way to boost my impressions and clicks,they are falling down since last week.


Great (Y)


yes its really very great