Episode 26: How to Make Your First Sale


Tips & tricks for making your first sale and keep them coming in.

This week, hosts Redd (http://www.fiverr.com/reddhorrocks) and Adam (http://www.fiverr.com/twistedweb123) are joined by David (https://www.fiverr.com/david388) to address some challenges that new sellers face, while sharing tips to help you get that first sale and build your Gigs into a steady business.

Let us know about your first sale in the comments below.

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how can i get my first order
New seller here, I photoshop fruitpeople and make dancevideos - any tips how to really get started?
HOW TO START MAKING SALES AS A NEWBIE ON FIVERR(It takes one buyer to start making sales on fiverr)
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How to Start Selling for my gigs
I have made 5 gigs from last month (no orders help!) :(
I need your help plz
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Very new to Fiverr, looking for tips!
Is it very difficult to get first order?
How Can I get my first Job on Fiverr?
Does anyone know any good tips to get sales?
My stat is good, but i don;t get any orders! Why?
Hi,I am new seller on fiverr please advise me improve my gig
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Am I always will be disappoint?
How do i get my first order in fiverr?
I did it! First sale ever on here. Any suggestions to improve?
Is it very difficult to get first order?
5 Days old in fiverr, still no luck
Winter Soldier Mind Control Words
How Can I get my first job?
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Hi everyone, an other writer here
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Im a 15 year old artist and I would appreciate feedback:)
I want to need a first sell from fiverr
When do we get our First sale on Fiverr?
I'm Beginner and no one wants to buy my gigs

please… i have 87% rating and i’m unable to apply for a new or another job from buyer request… how can i make 90% rating so that i can apply for another job from buyer request??? or can i get order without going to buyer request???
please help


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Wait for another buyer for your gigs and hope they give you a 100% rating to be able to reach a 90% rating :slight_smile:


Hi there. Hope everything’s are going well with you, at this time I’m facing some bad time.A month ago I have gotten some orders but now I’m not getting any orders.Being a level 2 seller, what should I do?


So glad this touched on the subject of getting the first sale. That question has been asked several times over and not all responses were desirable; but this fiverrcast provides some wonderful guidance. Hope to see more of this nature in future posts.


sir plz help me




am a newbie to finding my first sale…please i need on how to get my first sales


whats your rating >?


it’s helful for me…


Am an Off Line Professional Writer, I and My group are new to Fiverr but with a great passion to give the best services to our Buyers.


A level two seller but with 93% ratings, but sales has drop for the past month don’t know what to do.


Awesome episode!


Please help me to get my first sales.


m a new seller but no one handed me his order to me


Please help me for my first sale.


You can cancel that order then you can create other jobs.


Nice tips. Hoping to get my second sale soon. I do transcription, proofreading and SEO content writing and research.