Episode 26: How to Make Your First Sale


i want to make complain against fiverr… to Competent authority or Cyber Crime cell… how can i do ?


my is 99% positive rating but no orders level 1 seller


Waoh! Just in time!!!


Hello Sir I am New hear so …
Please Help me…


How can I make my first sale as I am new at Fiverr?


contact me pls.


Thank you. It was great.


Hello Everyone! My name is Kiera Renee. I’m new to this site and excited to work with all fo you. This was a great podcast. I would love to ask you all to take a look at my services and offer some advice on how to improve the context!

Thanks in advance


Hello! I would love to hear about some ways that you see effective with operating this site


make nice gigs with clear profile.let your customer look around your work sample. promise customer on-time deviled . you will get order.


I’m new on fiverr, help me to get my first sale. Thankyou


I’m new on fiverr, help me to get my first sale. Thankyou


Here there guys im very new on fiverr…help me out!!


Another absolutely great episode. Thanks (Y)


I m newbie .
2 days ago i create profile and 1st order came after one day im really happy bcoz the buyer give me 100% and recommended review.
Is neceassary to post my offer to buyer requests?
Or 2nd question that will backlinkings of my profile will helpful??


You just have to hang tight and make sure any buyer you get gives you the 100%, that you are responding to every private message within an hour and all projects are on time. This should raise your percentage over time. Change up your keywords for the gig occasionally and offer package deals so that you can get found better.

I can get the orders how i can want



Please i have 67% rating and i cannot contact my buyers.What can i do?


great as always! thanks!


I have been on Fiverr for last 6 months, but I started using it properly a month ago.
Key to success:

  • Stay online as much you can.
  • Share your gigs on social media - twice a day.
  • Send buyer request, with simple messages and assure the buyers that you’re the best fit as per their requirements.