Episode 26: How to Make Your First Sale


hi, am also new here not yet got my first sales


Hello, I am a new seller in fiverr. I want to ask, whether the price choice was limited $5, $10, $15, etc.? Can I put a price $7, $8? I offer a service remove background 25 photos for $5, and my customers want 40 images, while the choice of the price is only $5 and $10. Please help me. Thank you :slight_smile:


i am working at fiver for 21 days till no request and orders… what should i do now ? nothing is working fir me.


i am working at fiver for 21 days till no request and orders… what should i do now ? nothing is working for me.


hello sir
i am new her,i dont know what to do,please help me how to make my firts sale


Very appreciative guys. Thanks a lot. I’m also new to Fiverr. I’ll be applying these tips to my profile and keep in mind to also continuously tweak bits and pieces.


Hello Dear
Am new on Fiverr, how do i make my first sale?


nahhh … u can also put $7 $8 … its totally depands on you


It’s very helpful for me


Please help me
How can i make my first sell


Nice one. Learnt a lot. I am new here. Hope to make the best out of Fiverr


please am new in this forum kindly assist me on how to start?


This forum very helpful


Nice episode !


Hello, I Am New Here, Can You Please Help How Can I Improve or Promote Gig To Get My First Order?


Hi guys, i’m also new here would you mind telling me to how to improve my gig and get my first order. I started selling about three week ago. still don’t have any order i tried change my gig banner, reduce price, change tags still no luck.

Hi dear i don't have any offers

As a new seller, the most vital element to get your way on fiverr is being glued to buyer request and if possible 24/7 staying online. Fiverr traffic is enough for you to get your desired sales if you keep to my advice. Once you get a level 2 badge, if you are not hardworking enough you will get tired of the organic orders that come in. Stay blessed…


Hello, am a newbie. I need help getting my first gig. I write articles, essays and research. Thank you!


Thank you! Let me follow your advice. Blessings!


Iam also new on fiverr .This forum is very informative .