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Episode 3: How to Say No


In this week’s episode, hosts Redd (

and Adam ( are joined by Wayne ( to talk about the different situations, and ways that sellers may need to say “no” to buyers.

Join our hosts this Thursday, September 10th at 3pm ET, 12pm PT and 8pm GMT, for a live Q&A session. They will be live on camera to answer your questions and announce the winner of the Fiverrcast logo contest.

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This one was nice, i enjoyed it, I deal with these problems, specially saying no, I feel bad about buyers sometimes when i can’t do the job or they are asking for more, so this is nice, good job %%-


Gold Mine, got new ways to say no now :slight_smile:


The point that reddhorrocks made-- the initial interactions with the buyer can foreshadow the overall experience you’ll have with the order. That’s very true, and I can sense it when I get strange inquiries. Especially buyers who do not answer my own questions or provide enough information.

This is still my first year on Fiverr, and I’m still in the stage in which I will take almost anything (I am a music and audio seller) but I get very frustrated when I am given something I just cannot do. This is a huge problem with a lot of sellers, it seems like! I’m so glad they addressed it in the podcast.


Very informative and like this podcast as well, I agree with @annabelle1138 it’s like you have a sixth sense when you know a buyer is going to give trouble base on your interaction with them, I really hate when you do try to ask for information politely or a question and no response and base on the little information that the buyer provide they then now ask for a modification, I sense these are the “burger like buyers” who want free work from day one!


I agree with @julipalmer7 and @annabelle1138. Very nice episode




I agree with




Another excellent podcast by our Top Sellers. I look forward to these every week!

Being in the website design side of Fiverr I’ve definitely run into my fair share of scenarios that resulted in a “no”. This category is one of the more expensive categories, so I have had to learn to handle clients that are wanted an extremely discounted service. Now, where I differ from the Top Sellers a bit is that I do provide discounts from time to time, but this all depends on what the client needs. I have a basic pricing structure, but if the client pushes back on the price and the work that’s involved with their website isn’t too great then I will certainly consider a discount.

That being said, I do have a limit to the amount of discount I will apply for a set amount of work. If the buyer wants me to dip below that, I ensure them that the quality of work they are getting from me is top-notch and they’re going to get the best customer service with me. I also provide a money-back guarantee, so if things don’t work out or we aren’t a good fit for reach other we can mutually cancel the order. If it ever comes to that, I always provide some resources for other Fiverr sellers that may be able to fit their need.

As Adam said, don’t cheapen your service (or Fiverr for that matter) just to get a sale. Yes, there are other Fiverr sellers who offer the same service for less, but just let the buyer know that the work you provide and communication exceeds the level of service your competition is going to come to the table with. You’ll be amazed at how many of those “nos” you can turn into sales and ongoing clients.

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Great show team! Excellent advice for all levels. :slight_smile: I’m stingy too! No discounts as the value is already set at a fair price for the buyer.

Get what YOU ARE WORTH! Especially if you get tips often. That means people see the value and are willing to give you more, so the people who want discounts can move along. lol.


Both thumbs up. I’m really enjoying these episodes. Keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:


Here’s a new thing I’m doing, whenever a buyer asks for modifications, I tell him this:

“I’d like to help you, but my time is very valuable and I’m very busy. If you want me to make revisions, the cost is $5. If you disagree, click “resolution center” and ask for a refund.”

What do you think? I already had one buyer that agreed to this. We shall see if he likes the revision or ends up demanding a cancellation.


Great show guys, very helpful advices…
Thank you.


I think most buyers feel specially entitled to demand too much for just $5 when they receive offers through Buyer Requests. In my personal experience the buyers that turn out to ask me to go out of my way and do unrealistic tasks are the ones that I’ve sent offers to through this medium.

Personally, I never hesitate to send good offers and try to reason with buyers, presenting to them why my service is worth their money and what I’m willing to offer for what they’re willing to pay. Its basically like saying “No, I can’t provide you with this service but, I can give you this instead and assure you that you won’t regret it.”

What my little experience here has taught me is that you lose nothing by saying “no” because some gigs are not worth the $4 you’ll earn from them.


I don’t see the podcast for me to listen to. :frowning:


Nooooooooo :slight_smile:


saying “No, I can’t provide you with this service but, I can give you this instead and assure you that you won’t regret it.” - #angiepo

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I produce audio from sheet music. My instructions state,clearly, that the buyer needs to send me the music for an overview before placing the order. Some buyers place the order and the score at the same time, and I have problems with it…not legible, hand scribbled, error in publication etc. Have to cancel !


Amazing Fiverrcast! I love them!

Thank you