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Episode 48 - How To Diversify Your Gigs


This week, Ryan and Adam share their experiences with how to diversify your Gigs and building sales. Two Top Rated Sellers sharing tips about how to expand the Gig offerings.

Ryan -
Adam -


Interview session with Ryan & Adam was amazing, and educative. Although i am a seller here in Fiverr, but i really learnt many things new from their conversation.


I’ve always heard its best to create one and stick with it because creating more than one would stretch you then. This a new perspective that better explains the diversifying factor that doesn’t involve different things; just things that connect to one another.

Things make a little more sense now. Hope the re-vamp I’m about to do has a positive end result.


Yes, I agree we should not put all our eggs in one basket. Variety and diversification are key factors to attracting more customers.


It’s true, diversification is a common practice for increasing sales


You made good GIG, so wish you goodluck!