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Episode 5: The Art of Upselling


This week, hosts Redd (reddhorrocks) and Adam (twistedweb123) are joined by Harold (givemeapps), to talk about tips for upselling and how to notify buyers about the full range of services you offer, at a higher price point.

What are some of your upselling techniques? Share your tips in the comments below.

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Transcript for this episode is available here.


Getting this: SoundCloud Ultimate Error: Could not display your SoundCloud track - Error code (401).


Please check now :slight_smile:



Great show team! Great guest and super advice. I learn a lot every time I listen. Upselling is key and also using your extras to upsell your other gigs/services. I integrate many of my gigs into others through extras as many people who see one gig of mine, might not see the other and using the extras to upsell to those as well works like a charm. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the next show!


I wish there was a thread dedicated to evaluating this podcast.

Great job @givemeapps!

You reached out to several Fiverr audiences and really explored outside the realm of your own gigs. I sensed the same passion for delivering something your clients need as opposed to what they ‘just want’.


I’m listening right now while the site is down. Since I can’t deliver any of my orders yet…my effort on trying to be productive. :>

awesome stuff. thank you so much guys! I’m loving the topic today! :slight_smile:


I encourage higher buy-in by giving an extra 10 minutes of service when clients pay $10 for extra-fast delivery.


I’ve not listened yet, because as a newbie on fiverr I think the site should be concentrating on ensuring their sellers are genuine before they even consider recommending ‘up selling’. I’ve only been a member a short time but so far 80% of my experience on here has been bad. I’ve been truly ripped off.


Hi Fiverrcast team! You might already know this but on Soundcloud you have the ‘Spotlight’ area on your profile. Just in case, episode 5 is way at the bottom and you can move it to the top in the ‘spotlight’ section.

Didn’t know if this was on purpose or not so if it is, please disregard. If it isn’t and you need help to do it, let me know.

Otherwise, keep up the great work and topics!


Great episode and thank you for answering my question, all the best.


I found this episode to be very informative. It made me rethink my business model. Thanks!


Love the episode, and all the previous so far. I’ve got an interesting question for the hosts which isn’t truly answered on the forums… what is the definitive way Sellers go about filing income tax from Fiverr (US Seller here).



That’s whd I’ma talkin bout!!! Thumbs Up!


I want to increase buyers on my logo gig, what should I do, anybody help me please


I found this episode to be very informative. It gave me several things to consider as it pertains to my business model. Thank you all bunches!


Its was yet again a very informative FiverrCast to hear.

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Good one! Thanks!
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I love to see that buyer giving me positive review . I want to help buyers by over delivering multiple gigs :smiley: . [self-promotion removed]


thanks for the good podcast!
Harold’s audio quality is quite poor and sometimes difficult to understand.
Hope you can fix that next time


nice topic, enjoy interacting people here in fiver, [self-promotion removed]