Episode 6: Promoting Your Gigs Outside of Fiverr


This week, hosts Redd (reddhorrocks) and Adam (twistedweb123) are joined by Dan (dtongsports), to share tips for promoting your Gigs on external channels and some of the different tools available on Fiverr that can help.

How do you promote your Gigs? Share your tips in the comments below.

Have questions or topic ideas? Let us know on this thread.

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Transcript for this episode is available here.

Gig Marketing Tips
I want to grow up my gig sales
How to get more order & buyer request
I am new on Fiverr. I would like to know some tips
How to Promote Gigs ? should we use SEO for that !?
Best places to promote gigs?
New on fiverr , not getting order
My fiverr gigs and gettings order
How to make big money on Fiverr
How can i marketing my gig in right way
How to send buyer request with below 90% rating?
How to do markeing for logo design?
What should i do for negative review
Stuck after 3 orders
What would I do if social media sharing needed?
Cant send Buyers Request
Need more sales
From Last 3 Days No Sale No Massage.. Biggest Issue Ever
How can Improve my sell?
How to promote your gig on social media
Buyer request is empty can't see any request from buyer .What could be the issue?
Buyer left bad review
Not getting buyers for my gigs
Suggestions for new sellers
How can i reach my targeted client at social media
What do you do if you dont get order on fiverr?
My fist gig lunch in the Fiverr
No oder how can i do?
No projects and Messages
New here anyone guide?
New member on Fiverr needs help
Fiverr's Nasty Catch-22
How to promote my profile

Thanks again for having me! Really enjoyed being on and sharing with the community!


Great Info… Thanks!


I am a new user. How can i sale fiverr gigs?


Wait for some days .you will get any buyer from here


This was an awesome podcast!!! A lot of great suggestions that I will put into practice right away. Thank you!


I really appreciate the suggestions. I did not even know that some of these tips were even in existence, :)] Thanks.


Thank you so much for this specific information.
But i’m new user in fiverr .you will get any buyer from here. please answer me :-q


Hi, my sales has been tremendously reduced form 10-11 to 0, i am regularly doing promotional activities. Is there any reason for that reduction…


What a fantastic fiverr podcast! Good, solid and actionable marketing content provided by all. Thank you, to all who took part, a real listening pleasure.


Fantastic Podcast, Thank you Fiverr


great information. Thanks


N ice work…Thanks for the information…


This podcast will not play for me (I haven’t checked yet the others) and I have tried to play it in four different browsers: Aol, IE, Google Chrome, and Mozilla. Any ideas?


It doesn´t function for me!


Doesn’t work for me either…I would like some tips on promoting my gigs though!!!


Very good for me. Thanks Fiverr. :slight_smile:


I could not access the podcast or the transcript


Has anyone else had trouble with this page? The podcast won’t play and even the link to the transcript just reloads this page. If anyone has figured out how to get this to work, I’d love to hear it!


@realsolutions, @annecook, @micaila13, @joscarloo, @fambly please refresh the page and try again. It should be working now.

(Note: you may need to click on the orange play button also)