Episode 6: Promoting Your Gigs Outside of Fiverr


to the people having trouble with the transcript. The url is malformed or was when I looked at it…the transcript is here http://blog.fiverr.com/fiverrcast-episode-6-promoting-your-gigs-outside-of-fiverr-transcript/

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We’re on various social network and on our website.

I would like to exchange new experiences, share ideas, work and projects with all.




I am a new user. How can i sale fiverr gigs ??I’ve been promoted to facebook, twitter and others


That’s really good for new user.But i want to know how to promote my gig in social media …

Thanks to all


hi I creat a gig in last month now it take maybe 14 or 16 days and I still don’t have any orders
I don’t know what should I do now any one can help me I will greatful to them.

Tank you.


very nice great Information fantastic useful .


great tips to increase gig sale…


You guyz are really good in here, so happy to be in.


Great, keep it up (y)


great tips. Keep more coming


Reply to @asifiqbal32: You can sell Fiverr gigs by promoting your gigs from facebook, twitter, google Advert also try to open blog or try to use forum



I did use Facebook a lot via Direct message to friends, promoting is different groups, pages, and even Facebook ads, but i am not getting good orders since someone had hacked my profile and fiverr had to restrict it for safety. And, when everything gone well, I am not getting much orders. Before my gig used to appear at top but now I see it hardly when I scroll down so many pages. Any ideas for me



I need some active and good buyer,who provides order daily,I’m good seller i am Expert in social media marketing and SEO and also sell unlimited Google voice account,phone verify G-Mail,non pva G-mail,instagram,twitter,facebook accounts.


@istiyak_dip That’s great but your profile and descriptions are lacking. I would recommend hiring a translator or English expert on Fiverr to rewrite your description. Not only is your English and grammar incorrect, but your description is scattered and doesn’t offer a smooth read or flow.
Start there. :slight_smile:
Good luck!


hello , I want to promote my work , you can see it in my profile . Thank you. :slight_smile: hihihi… ;:wink:


I had my exam that’s why I was in vacation mood. But after finishing my exam again I off the vacation mood. But don’t get any sell even any single message. I was going in vacation many times but when I came back the message came. But this time I don’t get any sell. I can’t understand what is the problem. Can any one give any suggestion to me so that I can increase my sell.
Already I have shared my gig in many social media. The views are increased but don’t get any message.

Thanks in advance. - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/84992/level-2-seller-but-dont-get-any-sell#sthash.7jNB4TO4.dpuf


give me some more tips kindly…


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! i am very new here but its looking awesome hope it will be very good with fiverr team here…enjoy


I Want buyers to my gigs… i need orders


Reply to @asifiqbal32: You can sell Fiverr gigs by promoting your gigs from facebook, twitter, google Advert also try to open blog or try to use forum