Episode 7: All About Gig Videos


Adding a Gig video can increase your sales, but what type of video works best?

This week, hosts Redd (reddhorrocks) and Adam (twistedweb123) are joined by Barbara (bachas85), to answer these questions and offer some tips for getting comfortable on camera.

What type of videos have you tested on your Gigs? Let us know what worked for you in the comments below.

Have questions or topic ideas? Let us know on this thread.

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Very informative.
Is it possible for me to download this episode? Any help please?


Great job Barbara & team! Excellent advice and discussion topic! There is some internal power to getting comfortable on camera and in videos, do not under-estimate that power and the growing popularity of video marketing online. See you next week! :slight_smile:


Was a really good listen. Thanks for the tips.


Once again a very good Fiverr podcast by all involved! A very valid point was raised in addressing the buyer when selling your Gig. I.e. instead of using A video, you use Your video. The technique used is NLP and involves the Art of Persuasion (Google both to learn more, certainly check the art of persuasion!). The art is to address the buyer as if they already own your product, even before purchasing! I look forward very much to the next podcast :smiley:


This is really awesome.Very helpful.Thanks a lot for that.


I really have to step back and use more of a personal video, great episode! Thanks for the suggestions as always.


I loved this podcast. I am going to redo my videos right away. Thank you so much for the tips and valuable information.


I would like a video made out
Can anyone help?
I need to discuss with them through a chat service like Skype or Facebook Messenger


Hey this is an awesome podcast! I just started yesterday and really appreciate the sage advice!


Thanks for the podcasts Fiverr, they offer some great insight and make me feel like part of a team :slight_smile:


Reply to @reiki_healer: Hi there! Just a reminder that giving people external contact information is against Fiverr TOS. There are some great video editors here on Fiverr. If you check out that category, no doubt someone will be happy to help you!


You can download it to Podcast…


Thanks for sharing great tips…


Great information today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


[quote=“natreve, post:4, topic:68525, full:true”]
Was a really good listen. Thanks for the tips.

Was a really good listen. Thanks for the tips.


Was a really good listen. Thanks for the tips.


Must be informative and to listen good


How can we do? you have any idea please


Can you add music at the background of a gig video.