Episode 7: All About Gig Videos


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Thanks for taking the time to make this podcast. I was putting off making a video because I was concerned about the quality. I felt a webcam quality video might reflect poorly on me as a seller. However, after listening to this podcast, I’ve decided I should do one anyway. My favorite points in this podcast were: A video will help you sell. Use it to connect with the audience and call attention to your gig extras. Write a script before you record the video so you can make it succinct and to the point. Thanks again. I look forward to more podcasts on this topic.


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Thank you all for sharing such great tips. I am a newbie so the information shared was very valuable. Great content, valuable tips and most important you focused on the key things that will make us successful.


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Really informative and explained very well the importance of Video in your Gig. People tend to give more attention to videos rather than text. Spot on Barbara and Team. Keep it up.


I think that Video can not increase your sells.


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As a voice actor myself, nothing will make more of an impact for your gig video than your voice. In my original fiverr video I had a raw, personal introduction as Redd stated but in my updated video, I just went right to the vocals. Still my voice but the demos highlight what I’ve done promote what I can do for them. The reason for this is because after years of vo and video production and analysis, it’s been realized that the first 7-10 seconds will either grab the client and have them wanting more or have them click away to the next seller.

The next thing is to have a High Definition image(s). That’s basic “attention to detail” and shouldn’t be ignored even though the gig is for voiceover. Everything about how you present yourself is or will eventually become your brand. Maintain control of it by controlling every aspect of your video. Just my 2 cents.


I like these kind of tips and also this one too because i have added my gigs in music and audio with my voice for singing male and female happy birthday song but voice doesnt show over gigs so i decided after reading this will do hd video and update to my gig
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