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EPL on this evening!


Starts with a bang - Man City vs. Liverpool. Really want Klopp to win this, find Guardiola irritating for some reason.

Sunday EPL News

Yeah, me too, incidentally.



Great, so you think NUFC will win today?


Gotta say, I like Benitez and I think NU should take it today


Swansea is the sort of team they should and can beat if they want to stay up. Lot of teams have been dreadful this season. Crystal Palace gone for sure. [Man, Frank de Boer who was a real leader as a footballer looks completely clueless as a manager.]


Yeah, although Palace are a weak side anyway.
I imagine Newcastle will take this one easily enough.


Phew, Newcastle won! Every win in this season will be priceless for them - as for all bottom 10-12 sides. The relegation battle will be fought between 10-12 teams this time.