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EPL Today (Everyone Invited)

Predictions: ’

Liverpool 1 Manchester United 3 [Klopp’s reputation to take another blow, Mourinho becoming invincible again.]

Crystal Palace 0 Chelsea 4 [Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha]

Really, only one big match this week.


WoW, big EPL live event in Bangalore right now, 20,000 people gathered…Alan Shearer and a bunch of former EPL players also there. Should have been there. Had no idea. Liverpool vs Man Utd match will be shown live on a big screen. [Just hope it doesn’t rain!]


The awkward moment when you realize that ManU facing Liverpool is the equivalent of Arsenal facing Watford (according to the league table). A top 4 team vs the also rans.

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You wouldn’t know from watching the match…Man U parked the bus, Liverpool attacked, 2/3rd possession…I was surprised, thought Mourinho would attack more. If only the Egyptian Salah knew how to finish, he is like Messi without the finishing ability. LOL.

Heheheheehe…my favorite team Crystal Palace is playing :sunglasses::smile::joy::laughing: [They have started better than Chelsea to be fair.] [LOL Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 0…LOL] [@eoinfinnegan seriously?] [Okay, 1-1.]

What do you think @offlinehelpers :smile:


Why call @offlinehelpers ?

Football! :soccer:

Leicester City aren’t playing today, so not too fussed!


Sorry, what did you say?

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Crystal Palace playing better than your team… :joy:

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Oh, well. :laughing:

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Don’t worry, we will sort it out

They’re playing on Monday Nika. Not doing very well at the minute, but lots of the season left.

Hope so LOL First team to be outplayed by the worst side in the league.

Serious Football Analysis: Remember Blackburn Rovers? They won the league too, back in the late 1990s, but now are in the 2nd division…Leicester have lost their way a bit, have to temper down their expectations, forget that they were ever Champions and fight to avoid relegation.

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Yeah - cheers for that! Here’s my half full glass :milk_glass:

On the other hand, I taught a kid who’s now got a Premier League medal - well done him! :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome, who?..

That would be telling!

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@eoinfinnegan HA HA HA HA [Roy Hodgson Football Genius :joy::laughing: ]

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lol - oops


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