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.eps File Issues

I ordered a logo and my Fiverr did a great job on it. I ordered and paid for the .png, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .jpg, and .eps files. The designer said he made it in Adobe. It looks gorgeous, EXCEPT for the .eps file which according to my professional sign making company - they say the file is unfinished, dull not not coming out correctly. I do not have the software to open .eps on my computer so it coverts to a .pdf, but my professional sign company said it looks the same on his professional software, see attached.

Anyone know what is going on and can fix this for? My Fiverr creator said there is nothing wrong with the .eps file and I should just use adobe. Thank you!

From your attachment picture, I think there is a little bit color difference. Left logo color is bright and right logo color is a little bit dark. If this is a case, then the problem is color format.

We designer when design a logo, we create a Adobe illustrator file EPS. At the time of creating EPS file there have two options. CMYK is for print(which logo printed out or used in print media) and RGB is for digital media(like which is not print, used RGB for social media banner, website etc)

RGB shows bright color, but CMYK show a little bit dark.

from your attachment, I think that, your left logo is save in RGB color format(that’s why it looks bright) and right logo is save in CMYK color(that;s why it looks a little bit dark or dull).

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