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EQUIPMENT Advice for a Seller in unfamiliar territory!

Hi everyone! As some of you guys know, my Fiverr Gigs are mostly focused around writing/editing offerings, in addition to business consultation services. But since Fiverr has become my main outlet in life for enjoying my non-medical passions, I’ve been considering launching some new music-related Gigs, too.

I’ve been playing violin since I was 5 years old (that’s 26 years, people!!), and have plenty of experience playing in solo performance, orchestral, improv, jazz, etc. I have almost ZERO experience, however, in recording myself or mixing my audio!

Do any of you guys have advice about some budget-friendly equipment I should invest in, and what software might be best for a newbie? For microphones, I’ve been looking at the “Blue Microphone” series - especially the Yeti, since it plugs into the USB port. For software, I have a Macbook Pro, which comes with ::shudder:: GarageBand, but since I haven’t learned that software yet, I’d be just as willing to learn a different program.

Any thoughts / advice / input would be super-appreciated!


I should add that I do have a transducer/pickup for the violin from a brief stint in a band, in case anyone thinks that’s preferable to using a microphone. Thanks! :slight_smile:

This probably isn’t much help, but ::shudder: GarageBand is very easy to work with if nothing else. I used it to cut songs to go along with dance choreography (though, like you, I simply used it for want of a better program). You could always start your gig with basic software that simply gets the job done but not to a world-class, as long as you specify that in the description.

Best of luck with the new gig! I bet you’re one hell of a violinist after 26 years!

Reply to @luckygutsy: Thanks so much!

Hi David :slight_smile:

Wow 26 years! So don’t hesitate to use it. If you haven’t got any experience recording and mixing, you can offer what you are familiar with first, maybe accessing a studio so they can do the rest. It would not make much of a profit at first but after a while, you will gain experience and recording will be much easier :slight_smile:

Garage Band is good and super easy to use. I would recommend Logic Pro, everyone use it (I think). But I haven’t got used to it yet. You can check out advice from google and youtube as well. You can find pretty much everything there.

Hope this helps a little bit.


Reply to @giangpiepie: thanks Giang! Will check it out today :slight_smile:

Blue Yeti has really good reviews. That’s why I just got one myself. But you might want to buy a windscreen and also make a sound booth for it :)) I am going to make one as well.

Best of luck!

I suggest buying only what you think you would use outside of Fiverr. The reason is that you don’t know how much, if anything, you will make here. As giangpiepie suggested, making your own sound booth, etc may be a good approach. Also, make sure to go to the forums that specialize in what you’re wanting, so you get the best deal and quality.

Reply to @happygoluckyone: agreed - thanks!