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Erotica Writing Gig (& Other ghostwriting gigs)

^ This is the link to my erotica gig. I used to be almost overwhelmed with the amount of requests I received, but it’s slowed down and I’m eager to find more work. If anyone is interested in just checking it out, I’d be thrilled if you could give it a look.

I also have other ghostwriting gigs:

^This is my fantasy ghostwriting gig, with samples underneath (my erotica gig also has samples, if you’re curious.)

^And here is my young adult ghostwriting gig, also with samples.

I also have a horror gig that I haven’t linked here.

If anyone wants to check them out, I’d be honored. I’ve been doing pretty well on Fiverr thanks to certain gigs but I’m enjoying branching out into fantasy and horror as well.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If there are are any other fiction writers/ghostwriters around who’d like to discuss things, that would be great!