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Erroneous billing / Double Billing


I’ve been working with a php developer to provide my team with supplemental code for a project. I have completed payments for orders from him in the past with no problems whatsoever. Today he sent me a custom order for $400. I attempted to pay with the card on file but the page refreshed then asked me to try again, so this time I manually entered my payment details to retry the process again. Once I entered the payment details and hit submit the page refreshed yet again then asked me to try my payment again. I tried one more time with the same result. At this point my phone is going off and when I checked, it was my bank saying my card is shut off for security purposes. When I checked my balance I was billed $840!!! At this time it’s being shown as pending transactions but I dont know what to do. I submitted a ticket because Fivver doesnt have any live customer care professionals and right now my anxiety is through the roof. I really need the guy I hired to get back to work immediately and now that may not be possible because of this payment snafu. Has anyone dealt with this issue before and how long does it take Fiverr to resolve these issues. Also what documentation do they need from me? Gosh this is incredibly nerve racking and has broken my unshakable faith in this service as I can see how little recourse a person has when there are billing issues because they dont have live agents.

If anyone has dealt with this or a similar issue and has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated thanks!



I think you will get your money back but as a credit to use in Fiverr, not to your bank account.
(Fellow forum users, correct me if I’m wrong)

As for the duplicate order, please try to cancel it without/before submitting requirements, because (although this is more unfortunate to you) your seller got dragged into this situation and his profile stats and completion rate might drop because of this.