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ERROR 211 stuck in the retake wait period

HI GUYS CAN ANY one TELL ME WHAT TO DO I took the test ABOUT WRITING ARTICLE and i am sure that i pass the test BECAUSE MY MAJOR IS ENGLISH, then suddenly my computer got hung up. then after i check it the error is coming out error 211 THE USER STUCK IN THE RETAKE WAIT PERIOD and my gig about writing article is in the draft I cannot publish it due to this problem. I Am worried right now BECAUSE for now this is my source of income for a month i don’t have any orders so a simple pass exam result is important I am so frustrated please any one or fiver plss fix this issue


Hello, it looks to me like there is a waiting period before you can retake the test. You can ask customer support about this error message. I don’t have experience with the tests but they can tell you what is going on.


thank you so much god bless

It sounds like you are referring to the optional Skills tests, though. The poster is referring to a test that is required for their particular gig and you need to pass it for it to become active. These are different tests.


They have a test that you have to take for a writing gig? Perfect!

When a tokk my first test i got the same mistake, but when i took the test the second time everithing was fine, si maybe when you took the test you got a issue with your internet connection because that mistake can generate that kind of mistakes… have a nice day and god bless you all

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Same Problem ,when i start exam but show this messege in display " ErrorId 211 : The user is stuck in the retake wait period" how can i fixed it ? Please help me.


Hey sorry for disturbing actually today i have clear the test in 2nd attempt and first was given in June in first attempt i got 5.8 and failed but today i passed the exams with 6.8 but still my gig is in draft and giving retake test option else someone said you have to get 7.0 for activating your gigs now you are locked for 90 days m really worried about it do u have any idea about it ?

Today I tried to publish my first gig. Before publishing they asked for an exam. I click on that and now its showing “ErrorId 211 : The user is stuck in the retake wait period”. What should I do? If I have to wait, then how long??

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i actually finish the test and it was so easy but i got this problem too