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Error: "Are we seeing double? One of your titles has been used more than once."


I keep getting the following error whenever I edit a specific gig. "Gig items Gig Extra: Are we seeing double? One of your titles has been used more than once."

It doesn’t seem to matter how unique I make the titles, the error keeps popping up.

See the screenshot below. What am I not seeing?

Awesome screenshot

Can't update my PRICING?!
Error: “Are we seeing double? One of your titles has been used more than once.”

Try using a different browser and simply copy/paste the text you have on this gig. If that does not work use a different computer.


Not helpful!! Why the fiverr user interface too hard to use? Foo,


Hello! Here’s the deal with this error:

You have likely copy/cut and pasted the exact same gig extra to a different field. Fiverr has already mapped your URLs to the previous gig extra field and is recognizing your paste as a duplicate.

To get around this simply change one letter or word within your change and it will recognize it as a new gig extra.


Have the same problem :frowning:


NBot sure if this is the problem, but I see Documentation included in Basic Gig or Extras and also as a Gig Extra separately listed as Documentation. But who knows what evil lurks in the mind of Fiverr.


Yeah I get this too. It’s a pain in the neck.


Im getting it as well


Thank You … Solve the biggest error.


I have this problem . And nothing is working D:
Changing 1 letter or word
trying new browser
Clearing cache.

Also tried going to Edit Gig and NOT changing anything but when I press save it shows the error.

How in the world? I didn’t even change a single thing -_-
Fiverr better do something about this.


Hi Friends,

Here is the answer how to remove this errors that show during setup your gig,

look at above link this area need fully empty first time only then you can add this section after save so you need to setup your gig without this section then saved you gig and rework again on your gig.


please not use same title words on your gigs.


Best Regards,
Asif ALI Pakistan


I have the same problem and so far nothing has worked. I am simply trying to update my gig but it doesn’t save.

My errors are :

  • “Custom extra price cannot be empty”
  • “Gig items Gig Extra: title contains illegal characters”
  • “Description can’t be empty”
  • “Gig items You must create a title for all of your custom extras in order to save your Gig”
  • “Gig items Gig Extra: Are we seeing double? One of your titles has been used more than once.”

What I’ve tried to far :

  • I tried using 1 basic gig package or 3 gig package options.
  • I tried Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • I tried logging out and back in again.
  • I tried private browsing (all three browsers).
  • I tried clearing everything, saving and then re-write everything.
  • I tried filling out everything and all extras.
  • I am only using alphanumeric characters (A-Za-z0-9).
  • I tried remove browser cache, cookies etc.
  • I tried waiting. Maybe issue solves itself.
  • I contact support too but although “this affects my business” no reply yet.
  • I do have unique names and titles for all my packages and extra titles

How did this happen and why ?

I wanted to update my gig. When I opened the edit and went to “Pricing”, there was an immediate error saying “Description can’t be empty”. Even when I just edit the gig and save it, it will have errors ! From there everything just got worse. I kept on getting the errors mentioned above. Nothing I did seem to have any impact on successfully saving the gig.


has your issue been resolved ? If yes, how ?


I experienced this too but mercifully it worked itself out and I was able to edit my gig.
I’m not sure how I got it straightened out. I don’t think I did anything, just kept on trying to save what I had changed and it finally let me.

My error was:
“Gig items You must create a title for all of your custom extras in order to save your Gig”

Fiverr really needs to get this fixed. This is not a small thing when people can’t even edit their gigs. I want to do more work on my gigs but I’m afraid to try it due to this.


Your fear is absolutely justified. I lost business for a full two months due to gig-related errors, and I’m still battling 1 (and, to solve the others, I had to butcher my gig extras and remove all the titles just to force a save).

I encourage everyone to submit a full bug report (not just a support ticket) to customer support so they are aware of the problem and can get it fixed for the community. Also, try the suggestions in this thread and others (tip: google your exact error message in “quote marks” and you’ll get some more accurate results).

This is 100% a problem on Fiverr’s side and the financial losses and confusion it causes are very real. Their gig editing client is riddled with bugs that could break your gig and severely impact your ability to do successful business. The arbitrary “errors” received seem to be primarily responsible.

All the best to everyone experiencing this or a similar problem. Please submit a bug report and continue to post about it here in the forums, and help other users.


I’ve been having this problem for a week now. Fiverr Customer service created a technical ticket. After few days of not hearing back from them, they emailed me to let me know that I had to be patient and that they were working hard on the problem. It’s very frustrating for sure.
Good luck!