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Error Free Requests

Really. Should someone looking for a writing seller have to ask for the work to be error-free in the buyer request? You would think that would be obvious. Unless people want content that is littered with errors. What does this say about expectations these buyers have?

Also, enough with asking for native English speakers. So you want native Americans to write for you because they are the natives of the U.S.

I know many non-U.S. based writers who are excellent.

That is my rant.


Asking for error free writing should be obvious as you said but the ones who have lots of errors probably don’t even know they have them.

And while many great writers are not American or English the majority of bad writers are in countries that are not these two. Of course there are American writers who have lots of mistakes in their writing also.

What is most unfortunate is the large numbers of people with writing gigs who can’t write properly. These come from all countries.


Requests for error free writing usually come from buyers looking to spend pennies, even if they demand 10,000+ words.

For some reason, those buyers expect that a native American would be bored enough to write them a novel for $5 or $10.

Or maybe that kind of request is there so they can keep demanding revisions (and eventually a refund) even for a typo or a small mistake they could easily fix themselves?


I have tried to reply to the buyer request where someone wants something for $5 or $10 and explain the quality they would get for that vs what I can give. Has not worked yet. It’s a shame because there are some great request that would be fun to work on.

I had one guy want a mission statement for $12. I told him my price and why, and he said no thanks. I have had numerous buyers come to me and say they tried other writers, presumably lower paying, and they are ready to work with me. I guess sometimes you learn the hard way.

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It should be obvious, yet a lot of sellers who reply can’t even write one sentence without mistakes.

A lot of sellers don’t even know that they are making grammar mistakes. By saying native speakers only, buyers expect to rule out some of those sellers.

The thing is, I usually get requests from people like this who have the worst spelling and grammar imaginable. I then try and turn these people away asap, as if I do deliver work I inevitably get: We don’t like it. Please edit and correct. This isn’t what we were looking for, please cancel. etc

Then if I dare do the unthinkable and highlight the fact that a buyer can’t possibly be capable of assessing a delivered article, I get the obligatory:

"He he he. In my cuntry we speak better than you pice of sh@% and no what quality is. Why you fraid of bad review? You like all fuver sells efing Fake!" - Or some other insulting ramble with a sugar coating of reverse racism.

This is why writers on Fiverr have to be certified lunatics to give out free samples. They either get put into other sellers portfolios (the samples they send to their clients) or eaten by dictionary monsters.

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Well, maybe they asked because they’ve received work riddled with errors from some other “writer(s)” in the past.

I’ve come across a lot of “writers” on this platform who can’t write for sh*t.

Me too! Many are active on this Forum. :wink:


Well that’s one way to criticise your competition I suppose! :frowning_face:

I am not here to criticize anyone, competition or no; I just stated an obvious fact. Maybe you’ve never tried posting a request or going through some of the gigs in the Writing & Translation category.

Oh I think @offlinehelpers is familiar with the Dark-side as some sellers like to call Buyer Requests. I think her comment was aimed at the use of the word

that you used. :wink:

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You’re quite right @vickiespencer - and the :poop: sentence was added a good while after the initial post.

I don’t go near buyers’ requests at all - it makes me shudder just thinking about it to be honest. :wink:


I go there less and less. The more sales I get the less I need it. :smiley:

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