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Error in "Completed in #days"

I have this gig in which I deliver an article of 500 words in 24 hours.

Yesterday I got an order and delivered it in less that 24 hours (within 19 hours or so). But once I delivered, the status ribbon atop the order page shows "This order will be marked as completed in 3 days ".

Why is it saying 3 days? (My gig is of 1 day and I delivered in less than 1 day) and most importantly, how would this affect my ratings?


I also have this kind of issue.
What I have noticed so far is that for a personalized offer, when delivery is done the time delivery matches the one we refer in our regular gig.
For instance, if you have a gig for blog writing and say: “I will write 500 words for you in 3 days” but send a personalized order to a buyer mentioning you will write 500 words in 1 day when completed in 1 day you’ll have the message you saw: completed in 3 days.
Does it make sense?


An order will autocomplete after three days once it has been delivered unless your buyer closes/completes the order before or requests a revision. It is the same for any order of any length.


1 day is how long you have to deliver the order. After the order is delivered, it will take an additional 3 days for the order to complete if no revisions are asked for of if the buyer doesn’t manually complete it themselves.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Thank you @sandrineisen for sharing your experience. Mine was not a custom offer. But I am thinking of keeping an eye out about what you said in regarding the custom offers. :wink:

Thanks for @vibronx and @j6nyc6 ; Now I understand what was going on. Thank you very much again. :blush: