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Error in Response Rate

Somehow I received a message that was six days old. Apparently, the system “knew” the message was late because there was also a message that it would not count towards my response rate. Had I known it would be an issue, I would have taken a screenshot. Well, it IS an issue, and customer service is effectively saying “too bad” -
I am trying to launch some new gigs and a Response Rate of six days is a deal-breaker.

How to escalate this issue and get it resolved?

Or since I am new, just shut down this account and create new account?

I am a little confused. Response rate is always a percentage and not calculated as number of days/hours. Unless you are talking about your response time. If it is indeed the response time you’re talking about, you can shorten it by responding to your future messages within 24 hours :slightly_smiling_face:

The last time you contacted CS, did you mention to them that it was a legit bug and did you also attach appropriate screenshots to support what you mentioned? If not, you could give it another shot.

I’d also not close an account just cuz the response time is high. As long as you respond to your customers as soon as you possibly can (within 24 hours) and deliver quality work, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.