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Error in uploading video for gig


i am new to the fiverr. in my gig i try to upload a video. but its remaining “sec, loading 0%” and did not upload my video file. i am sure that my video is not lager than 50MB and 30sec (its only 11MB and 29sec). my internet connection is no any problem. i tried it several time. please help me.

  • i attached a screen shot of uploading page.

    thank you

Someone asked the same kind of question in another forum post, an was told that Fiverr uploads work better if the file name is very simple. So avoid LONG file names with fancy characters.

Good: music.for.larry.mp3 , sample.layout.pdf , etc.

Problems?: Fiverr.June.29-2013 , sample*Pic__Jpeg , New_art_for06/29/2013.PnG , etc.

No promises, but another forum member said that this helped them.


thank you for inform me. i will try it. thank you.

it was fixed although change file name. please help me. :frowning:

The same problem to me today. My video was mpeg4 and I turn on in wmw. Now it works!

Hello! I have been facing a similar problem. My video is shorter than 50 MB and 30 Secs. It is in mp4 format too. But it has still not been uploaded. It has been under review for quite a few days now. Please help!

After 72 hour, try to upload the video again.