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Error "opps something went wrong"


I ordered a gig around 10 days ago. According to the seller, the order is complete but he cannot submmit the order due to a failure of Fiverr system. So he offered for me to cancel the gig and order it again in another service that he does aswell. But when i try to access “shopping” tab it appears a very annoying error "opps something went wrong"

Thus cant cancel the order neither receive my stuff.

Im loosing patience, not only because its quite frustrating, but because of the 40 dollars that i had to pay and the job was quite urgent.

Any solution would be highly appreciated.


Yeah I tried that already with 3 different browsers still doesn’t work, so its an internal error from Fiverr. And the file wouldn’t be bigger then a few K’s since its a translation work.

Thing is, i cant cancel the job neither use the resolution tab since it is under shopping tab were it is appearing the error.

Meanwhile fiverr keeps sending me emails saying " we noticed your seller is taking longer than he said he would, click here to cancel or resolution" and when i click happens the exact same thing, the error again appears.