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Error Ordering Gig Extras?


Hello fellow fiverrs!

I just had an order for $35 a $5 gig and $30 of extras. It seems the order got separated and I only knew about the extras because the buyer mentioned paying $35. The only way I could see the additional $30 was under manage sales. It is also requiring me to complete them as 2 totally separate gigs. Did the buyer place the order incorrectly or does this sound like a glitch I need to tell CS about?


Yes, it was 2 separate order numbers. The $5 showed up on my list of orders but the $30 doesn’t show up at all, I can only see it if I go to manage sales and then click active. It is, however, a single job which I have already delivered. The second half ($30) is sitting waiting for information from the buyer to start the order. I messaged her asking that she complete the ordering process on this one as well.

I am trying to figure out why I can’t see it on my list of orders and how not to have this happen in the future.


Yes, unfortunately I delivered before I did further investigation. She seems really nice so I believe she will follow through so I get paid on the larger portion.

Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated!