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[Error Report] I could not update gig content

I tried to update description and title of my gig and faced an error message “Packages Gig has no packages”.
I did not make a change to the price or package settings but this error happened and update failed.

If I see the gig on public page, there are still 3 packages.


I have faced the same problem.

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Yes, I am also trying to update the information in the gig and it gives the same error

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kindly send me a screen shots

please send me a screenshot

Try to log out and in again, maybe restart your browser.
Also, making changes to Fiverr Gigs can take some time as they are reviewed by the Fiverr Team.

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Thank you! It’s working now. All the good ! Maybe it was lag of website


It just takes some time to change the gigs because they may get reviewed!

Please Clear crash your browser.
then try again.
I hope Ok

Restarting the browser worked! Thank you for your all replies.