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Error when selecting delivery time

Hi, when I select a delivery time for a gig I’m putting up, I get a red exclamation mark and it says ‘this option is no longer supported, please select a new delivery time’. This appears for any delivery time I put.


Did you refreshed he page??
And wait for some time, it will be normal automatically.


I tried that, no luck

I might try on a different device

When this thing happened?

Just now, this is the first gig I’ve opened

Fixed it. I just had to do it on the computer rather than on my iPad

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That sounds great!!!

It says to select a new delivery time. Did you try that and what happens when you do?

@humanissocial OP says :point_down:

And the problem has been solved

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I have the same problem sir
Man! I just started and it suks not to have a pc
What should i do?